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Odd Graphics

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This going to be difficult to describe but here goes. My system

HP Laptop

I7 - Gen7

32g ram

gtx 1080 - graphics

wired mouse

wireless network :-(


In OW during heavy rain or at nite I see these large translucent block shaped objects on the screen. They seem to appear above the displayed horizon - the upper 25% of the display. Sometimes they move across the display leaving a trail behind them looking almost like a big progress bar. I get the feeling it has something to do with the display refreshing.

I have not done much tweaking of the graphics card or the game settings. Would like to get this fixed. Any ideas are welcome.

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Captain, did you try to update GPU drivers? Could you please send a report by F11 button once you experience it again.

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Hello Ink - the drivers were updated from Nvidia. I will say there appears to be a difference between the drivers Windows 10 would install and the drivers that came from Nvidia. In Device Manager if I choose Update Drivers,  Windows wants to install even after I update with Nvidia.  Typical Windows BS. I've chosen to go with the Nvidia drivers.

I will be happy to make a report - I will say that this is not a random thing. Any time it is raining heavily or nite time this happens. I have tried to get a screen dump but it is all too dark to see there.

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