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La Requin nerf needed

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6 hours ago, z4ys said:

My herc doesn't turn well :( what am I doing wrong ?


Can you describe the issues with the xebec pls?

I never had issue with Herc  in battle. In video when o already went through the wind you turn your sail too late, as Herc had low inertia. Still it doesn't make such a big difference. 

Just turn rate is not everything. The fact that you can move your yards quickly and that you accelerate /decelerate quickly allows you to easily outmaneuver all 5+. 6+ would have hard time stern camping you if you have one turn mod loaded. 

If you want, we can duel sometime :)

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With Xebec and elite pirate you simply can't make a turn on Manual sails. You can do this on every square rigged ship. 

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On 7/18/2018 at 9:15 AM, vazco said:

Lol, none of those tips would work. It's xebec who decides on distance and angle, regardless if upwind or downwind. 

The best strategy is to use it's low maneuverability against it and demast it. As such Xebecs can be countered. Hercs almost can't. 

Only when it's demasted you can kill it, otherwise it will just escape or angle. 

The post was about surviving a Xebec not necessarily killing one and it was tips to help with that.

One of our guys dueled with a Xebec in a snow and sank it in 5 minutes.

And its worked for me. I fear no Xebec.

I have sunk one, drawn with one(he escaped) and to lost one.

You have to fight smart. that's all I was saying, they are not your typical ship. 

Herc on the other hand.... OP  - IMHO.

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