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[ONION] Onion Knights (US Caribbean)

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Onion Knights

Onion Knights is going to be a very simple US clan based upon how I originally intended my previous clans would be, but never got the chance because of the size of the nations they were in.


Clan Attributes

  • PvP and Crafting Focused
  • Become and maintain a midsize clan
  • Come together for resources and on rare occasion clan activities
  • Remove oneself and have minimal concern with player based politics
  • Help others who are willing to receive help


Rules and Requirements

  • Do not do or say anything that will reflect poorly upon the clan. Basically don't be an ass.
  • Must be able to speak English. Exceptions can be made.
  • Have Teamspeak and Discord App.
  • Contribute to the collection of resources for clan crafting.
  • Able to work both individually and in a group.


If you are sick of the player based politics dictating certain aspects of this game to you, tired of being just another cog or being just a number in a larger clan, or simply tired of playing by oneself with very little interaction with other players then consider joining the Onion Knights. To join contact Davos Seasworth either via the forums or in the game, preferably in-game. 

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There’s just so many layers to this clan.(sorry)

good luck sir.



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3 hours ago, Teutonic said:

Will you be part of the US council?

Will join if invited any council. Does not mean however that we will abide by any of their "restrictions."

2 hours ago, Christendom said:

When the French come up the coast to chop onions...will they cry?


I have been coming up their coasts.

1 hour ago, Coraline Vodka said:


Yes they do.

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