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'HMS Guerriere' Ship that fought USS Constitution (Looking for Plans)

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Ship that fought USS Constitution. Looking for plans of French origin. 

Guerrière was a 38-gun frigate of the French Navy, designed by Forfait. The British captured her and recommissioned her as HMS Guerriere. She is most famous for her fight against USS Constitution.









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It is not P.-A. Forfait which is the engineer of the frigate la Guerrière; it is the engineer J.-F. Lafosse. Not a drawings :(

Original name: la Guerrière
Laid down in 1798
Launched in?
Struck of the French lists in 1806
Place of building: Cherbourg
Other: taken by the English in 1806, put back into service under the name of HMS Guerrière

Length x Breadth x Depht in Hold
145 'x 36'10 "x 19' (pied du Roi)
Displacement: ?

Artillery of origin (1794 type, systhem of 1778):
1st deck - F'c'sl / Q'deck
28x18-pdr - 12x8-pdr + 4 howitzers of 36-pdr
Total: 44-guns
Broadside weight: 744-pdr (French-pdr)


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