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J & P Rebalance Mod by JonnyH13 and Pandakraut 5/1/18

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28 minutes ago, madmatg said:

1. Skirmisher cav are much less useful, making their numbers big enough to actually hurt the morale of an infantry unit from the back or side is just way too expensive. 

2. Melee cav are God-like on any routing units. I have consistently been able to get melee cav units (500-700 men) up to 65 melee in one battle.

3. Artillery, while 200-300 men is the most efficient maybe they are really not having as big an impact at that size as I'm used to. (using 3-in-1, napolean, and small howitzers)

4. Those large infantry units are pretty much required as melee seems like it really is just a matter of numbers now and I'm often fleeing from charges

1/2. Level them as melee cav, but pick skirmisher cav traits. They get quite decent at 2-3 stars and high firearms. The high melee stat will help protect them if they get attacked, and you can use it to charge batteries in a pinch. Melee cav can obviously develop as normal.

3. I tend to split, having one Napoleon/24lb and one rifled battery per division. I still haven't gone over 12 guns per battery. Seems fine. Put your canister-capable guns right behind your infantry that are going to take charges, or behind a charge you intend to make. Also, it's really helpful for stats to have your guns firing throughout the entire battle regardless of how effective they are, so I often have as much as 50k supply per corps, sometimes as high as 70-80k (2nd Bull Run, looking at you). It's definitely worth it to pick the Horse Artillery trait for non-rifled guns just so they spend less time moving and more time firing from positions which are as close as possible. This also helps get them out if you have to abandon a position in a hurry.

4. Pick the active-aura charge damage perk for your corps commanders. The others are nice, but you're constantly attacking as the Confeds, so I've found it very useful. Also, if the enemy charges you, fall back until they stop, then counter-charge so you get the charge bonus. :D

I like to use double lines wherever possible, with the more experienced and better armed troops leading initially to shoot people up and lower morale. If you can charge, then you simply hold fire on your melee focused brigades as they march through the line, then charge while the good troops and howitzers fire into the melee. If you get charged, you just fall back with your good troops through the melee brigades, then counter-charge with the same results as above. Either way, usually you'll get a quick rout which lets you start a massacre that you can halt at any time to preserve condition or your line integrity.

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