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Jack Spencer

Patrol Areas


Has something changed or do I not understand Patrol Areas? Up until two days ago, When I engaged a trader the ship sailed straight toward the area boundary which could be clearly seen. Once the trader crossed the area boundary, I could wait for the trader to sink and salvage cargo. I could get gold for damage, combat points and exp points.

For the last two days, some traders sail in one direction but no boundary is seen or crossed. Some ship traders seem aware of the boundary, which I can't see and reverse or change course instead of continuing straight. Now in battles when I get sunk, I only get exp points, no gold or Combat marks or PvP marks. Before I could click on the Mission in port and would be asked if I wanted to collect my rewards. Now I get no such notice. So now unless I win, no matter how much damage I do, all I end up with is exp points.     

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You have to actively select the patrol mission every day for it to be active, are you absolutely sure you activated the patrol at those times you didn't get patrol rewards? Are you sure you exceeded the minimum damage to get rewards? Just checking...

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