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Accidentally dismissing ships when removing from fleet

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 Was removing ships from a fleet today and must have accidentally dismissed one of them instead of 'sending to docks. (luckily it was only a tlynx)

You have to do this a lot if you are trading/hauling and want to teleport, but people will naturally just hit confirm after a while without reading, and as the buttons are a bit clunky atm this can easily lead to mistakes. Would be helpful if the confirmation window had the word 'dismiss' in red text, so as to warn the player they are deleting the ship? 

AND/OR with the new AI make it very obvious that the ship is being deleted. 

Even better, I was always taught it was bad interface design to give choices such as 'yes/no' or 'confirm/cancel'  when offering a choice - (in this case) send to docks/cancel and dismiss/cancel would be better choices as they inform the user what they are doing without forcing them to read the text, which nearly everyone stops doing once they have read it before.



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Or also have a time delay between dismissing or breaking up a ship and the ship actually being destroyed. Perhaps in the bottom right corner a message "breaking up/dismissing _______,  9 minutes [cancel]"

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