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Alt Abuse, Trolling Nation Chat After Chat Ban

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All I see is troll crap going on here.

You all try to get each other banned at every turn. What childish behavior. If KoC broke a rule. So, what. I didn't see one US player in that chat telling King to go away. I saw a conversation. No one seemed all that butt hurt about anything except maybe the VCO guys. Wouldn't it be better if you just dropped your pride and actually tried to fight a battle for once? You had what, 15+ ships out tonight and you didn't even try to tag four of our guys. We tagged you and you ran away. I know you weren't afraid but gosh guys why not fight? Is forum fighting the only kind you know how to do?  This is one of the main reasons I took the opportunity to separate myself from you all.

If you look in those chats you see him encouraging the other US population. From my experience with him, he is being honest about it. We come up there because we can find fights. When sitting in front of KPR we may get lucky to find a lone player to grab but the US will actually build a fleet and try to drive us off. And we all know they don't come out until the BR is nearly twice ours but they come out and they have good attitudes about it as well. They have improved as he said. The fights are getting harder to win and we have had to come up with heavier ships. Good on them. VCO? absent! Even though your group is probably the most experienced players in the US nation atm. All you know how to do is forum pvp and try to get people banned. Grow up! Move on and make a name for yourself in the game instead of on here.

Those rules you post by the way, were written in response to Sorry's crap. After a battle they would come into the US chat with a minimum of 5 guys and just be assholes. It was for that behavior those rules were created. KoC may or may not have violated them as they are written but he hasn't even come close to the spirit behind why they were written.

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Appears KoC did a little more trolling last night in nation After I went to sleep.  



quite the humble guy.



so angry.

Anyway I fee we have enough evidence to support this tribunal.  Despite what my dear friend Thomas Pain in a prior post says, he is clearly breaking the rules here, regardless of what the intent of the rules are.  He cannot troll on his own account in global so he must muck up US nation chat by boasting about how good his fleet are, how shit ours is and that we need to "drop a nut".  Yet his clan members insist that he's "helping" us. 

It's pretty obvious this guy is seriously unhinged.

@admin @Ink can we lock this party down please and get on with a decision?  

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On ‎4‎/‎1‎/‎2018 at 4:04 AM, RedNeckMilkMan said:

looks like half the players in the game are goners

chat would be eerily quiet....

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Investigation complete, appropriate actions were taken.

Captains, please remember that open admission to being a spy in a enemy chat can result in a partial or permanent chat ban.

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