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Announcement on the Legends server status and long downtime

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Thank you for the participation in the first stage of stability and gameplay systems testing in Naval Action Legends. We appreciate your time, your input and your feedback. You are as awesome as you have always been! 

Servers will be stopped on Thursday 15th of February at 13-00 Pm kiev time for 1-2 months at least for the following reasons. 

  • Development of potentially exciting new game types incorporating capturable forts and towers.
  • Implementation and merge of the new sailing model from NA (including leeway)
  • Progression rework and improvements
  • Final tutorial integration

Thank you very much again.

We will keep you posted on the progress in this section of the forum. 

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Thank you very much for Legends!

I guess lots of people will, like @b.westall like it more than the "main" game, because it is quick fun.

In my humble opinion it is a perfect addition to Naval Action, but never could replace it. I am the type of gamer who prefers Diablo to Dota ;), so the main game is my choice. Nevertheless Legends is fun and if the two help each other (e.g. keeping players on their ships and not leave for something else at all, keep people who just want to fight others from ruining new players experience,...), I think I'll keep supporting both!



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@admin & @slik


Like the other players comments I really enjoyed NA-L a lot more than I thought. The events and playing with the whole NA community was brilliant. The dreaded FORT Capture circle, rage quitters and hating the Renommee, some funny highlights. @admin and team a real good job well done. Can’t wait for the updated with sailing physics and UI and tutorial and FORT capture...

I think my “Norfolk nLegend does Grinder...!” Guide will need a big over haul. Title is just wrong on all sorts of levels lol.



Please are you seriously going to make this player wait till April 15th before he can suffer the new grind you’ve envisaged for him?

I’m No F**king Legend but in the meantime @admin if you fancy a fight [PvP Caribbean] Aves you’ll find me. Really though, what chance do you think you’ve got?


Norfolk nChance [ELITE]


Edited by Norfolk nChance

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