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Predicting Statistics for Proposed Ships

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Something I have had on my mind the past week or so is looking more deeply at the figures used to give stats to each ship in the game in the hope of adding value to ship proposals allowing for a rough idea of what we might get added to the game. We have quite a lot of information having been collected now by some incredible dedication from players like Jodgi and Olav Deng. What I would like to achieve here is a better understanding of the statistics in question using the main resources we now have available to try and give any serious proposals, for example the kinds of ships that are going to the selection polls.

The main resources as far as I have come across are Jodgi's speed society charts, Olav Deng's wiki and the spreadsheet made up from the values given to the ships in game who I am unsure of the author. Feeding these together with player's actual experiences of ship handling and naval architecture you could probably pull together some pretty accurate predictions of potential ships stats. The main limitations that I can see is for things like hull shape, which isn't easily modelled through mathematics, the other issue I see is discrepancies though actual information on ships, for example displacement tons and burden, or alternatively where ships often get recorded to having different styles of measurements of gun deck length vs total length.




So taking rough measurements from these data provided you could slowly fill in gaps for similar sized ships, then extrapolate from there, although another hiccup would be the data used in game doesn't quite reflect historical observations. In an ideal world it would be incredible to see someone very clever designing a little formula to give rough estimates into proposed ships but either way it would be incredible to be able to predict rough statistics for any ships, even if you aren't looking to put them in the game, just for fun purposes or to see how it compares to historical data like admiralty reports.

If anyone has any more ideas they can expand on this, or even if they have attempted to do this before I would really love to hear from them, it could be an incredible tool for bringing more information to ship selection polls, but also general interest. The more information we can create the better.

Thank you as ever for reading, please share any thoughts you might have on the subject. :)

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There's been some discussions or insights about ship shape and stats:


  • sailing






  • damage







Displacements should be better now, though they are tuned for gameplay in the end. Length was recently measured at waterline, but some models don't have the same dimensions as 3-Decks. The closest doc to the goal is probably Dirk Böndel (in addition to the tons of historical and modern docs). He uses modern fishing boat numbers for Reynolds and Froude. In the end an approximation still has to be made for the exact loading of the ships )

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I did last week go through the wiki and updated the actual ship pages with new ship stats. I didn't do the ship menu yet and I"m still short a few of the 5th rates and smaller ships I need stats for.  

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The speed values  on the ship menu were updated last week, only missing 2 or 3 values from ships i did'nt found. I have taken the values out of the shop menu, so my perks should'nt interfere with the speed stat.

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12 hours ago, admin said:


You nerfed the crafting RNG again, didnt you? Now I dont even get trims anymore... I used to get very agile or very fast but not anymore... 16 ships built and 0 trims or bonus perm slot... did you remove trims again or is the RNG just even more cancerous now?

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