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Does an in-game clan directory exist on either PvP or PvE?  If it does, the game needs directions on how to access it. 

If not:

Clans are the Isla de Muerta.  Cannot be found, except by those who already know where it is.  Rooting around in stale forum posts and sub-reddits is no help at all and increases the load on what already is a VERY steep learning curve for new players.

Directory Features:

listing optional.
Visiblity options -- pick whether the directory listing is public or national.
Limited to active clans.  The directory listing would expire at some point past the date of the last member login.

Listing Features:

Clan name
Seeking new members Y/N
Seeking alliances Y/N
Founder / officer and founder names  (or the ability to message via the clan name with forwards to founder/officers)
Primary objective (trade, raid, etc).  Formatted field with fixed options so it can be sorted in the directory.
Optional website URL (if any)
Small plain-text description field

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