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JonnyH13's Mod Alpha 2 (2/8/18)

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2/8/18 Alpha 2 is released.  resources.assets

To install simply extract this into the steam\steamapps\common\Ultimate General Civil War\Ultimate General Civil War_Data folder.  Override when prompted.  To uninstall simply verify files.  This is save game compatible so no worries about ruining them.

I have finally rebalanced the weapons to what I want them to be at and as such I give this to the public.  I am throwing out the previous version of the mod and setting this version as 0,0.


  • All Line infantry weapons are set to range 225 and with a reload speed of 100 (approximately 1 volley per ingame minute).  There are some exceptions to this.
    • CSA Only line infantry weapons have better melee but .5 less damage that normal weapons.  
    • Unbored muskets have a range of 200
    • Ammo is adjusted for the increase rate of fire
  • All carbines for both cavalry and skirmishers have a range of 250, have a fire rate of 150, and have a melee of 75 (again with some exceptions).  They generally shoot faster but have lower damage outputs as well as go through their ammo quickly.  They will not do well against a line infantry charge at all.
  • Melee cavalry weapons all have range 100 and melee 150.  The revolvers have high damage but very slow reload rates.  They also have less ammo.
  • Artillery in general has less range than base game and have a melee strength of 1 but it is much more risky to charge artillery from the front as their close range damage has been increased.  Do not charge into the front of a 30lb parrot, you will regret it.
  • All weapons prices have been adjusted.  Economy is very useful here.  
  • The weapons will be renamed in the next version (probably)
    • Farmer -> Musket
    • Rebored_Farmer -> Rebored_Musket
    • Palmetto -> 1855
    • MG+J -> Fayetteville
    • Lorenz -> RM 1841
    • 1853 -> Lorenz
    • 1855 -> 1853
    • HF 1855 -> 1861
    • 1861 -> 1863
    • 1863 -> Spencer
    • Fayetteville -> Whitworth
    • Colt 1855 ->Colt 1855
    • Spencer -> 1873 Trapdoor (ahistorical)
    • Wiard -> James 14lb
    • Tredgar -> Whitworth (to give the CSA access to this)
    • James -> 30lb Parrot
    • The rest not listed here will either keep their names or be subject to minor changes (I do not know for sure yet)

TL,DR: Lower damage, higher rate of fire, price adjustment, melee is deadly.

These weapon stats will be considered final unless there is enough user input and testing done to convince me otherwise.  I will now be working to adjust the campaign battles and rewards.  

As always feedback is appreciated.



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I am currently more thoroughly testing and rebalancing the weapons since the previous version is rather excessive in terms of damage (the artillery is way too powerful and each weapon has a damage scale which I cannot edit as of right now so I have to adapt to it).  Once I am finished with this, (won't take too long) I would need to go through the campaign to be able to figure something out.  It would be nice if people also played through the campaign and game me feedback.  I do not have all the time in the world after all.  


The unfortunate thing is I have yet to find where the efficiency effects on unit sizes are so that has not changed.  I will say though that anything approximately over 2/3 max size or so will suffer noticeable reductions in fire damage.  

The AI is timid (and rightly so in some situations, it might change though) and it might lead to easy early victories but with the lack of casualties, the AI army grows and it will one battle down the line surprise you.  

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