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I did not post this until now because I thought it would be fixed in the 10th january patch.

When in battle and in boarding, pressing rum will result in NO CREW getting healed. The timer will go to 20 minutes but no crew gets healed. 

This has no purpose as using rum directly before boarding works. It has brought my ship into extreme danger twice and killed me once (just now hence why I'm posting this). Please fix this as fast as possible as this is game breakingin a battle. I've heard of other people experiencing it after asking. 

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3 hours ago, Hethwill said:

working flawlessly on my end


Can you please record your game screen while using the rum ?

Reminder, the recovery is very slow and the cooldown is extended.

I doubt I will have recording software open but I will try to remind myself.  I perfectly know it is very slow and whenever I'm not boarding it works. 

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