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Hiding in battles to join PB discussion

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Hid some posts.

Let's focus on the gameplay and keep good faith questioning for the National News or whatever.

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21 hours ago, Wraith said:

Staged as in lobby-based?  Why shouldn't numbers dictate power to a large (not necessarily absolute) degree?

No, not at all lobby based, and i think most players wouldn`t like that.

It would be unfair to let always the same players do the portbattle, while the others have practically nothing to do, or just watch it on Twitch.

Honestly i really do not know how to create such Conquest or "2-3 days campaign", whatever it should be.If such staged conquest could be combined with raids(which have been abandoned, unfortunately), it could provide some kind of gameplay for all.

But then, you would probably need to change everything from the bottom...Portbattle mechanic, hostility generation, new RAID ideas are needed, and so on...


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16 hours ago, The Wren said:


In IL2 and other flying combat games, dozens of planes take off from several different airfields miles and miles away from each other. We search each  other out and fight without going into a battle instance. I guess NA uses battle instances because then real world travel time would be way too long. I for one would like a smaller map with zero time compression just to get rid of tagging and battle instances. 

I would hazard a guess and say it's not even that, but rather the battle game was built before the OW game (sea trials), so it was easier to carry instanced battles forward into the OW game than to rebuild the battle mechanics within OW.

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