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Le Gros Ventre Refit

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Currently the Le Gros Ventre Refit is a LGV with a nice paint job. The swivels hardly make any difference. The price has been lowered for it, but it does not change that this is not a very good ship for that price or for what it is (a refitted trader to a warship). I hereby suggest:

- Give it 8 6pders on its top deck

- Reduce the range of swivels, but drastically increase crew damage at short range

- Reduce swivel reload by 10%

- Decrease stern armor by 10-20% 

- Give it 5 knowledge slots like any other warship

- Increase its turn rate which is currently awful

- Increase its side HP by 10-20%


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In general I agree in buffing it so that it could become THE pirate/corsair ship: fast, manouverable, excellent sailing profile, good (but not OP) firepower and some actual space for loot (and ofc keeping the ability to enter other factions' ports with smuggler flag)  

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