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Finished Grand Campaign (CSA)

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OMG!!! What a final battle it was... wave after wave after wave. So many deaths... So now i finished both the Union and CSA campaign on medium difficulty. I have seen enough death, suffering and destruction. I dare not to play on high level :)

I liked the battles of 2nd Bull Run, Antietam and the final battle of Washington the most.

See the pictures, before and after the last battle. Enjoy :)

Grand Victory CSA.jpg

battle of washington CSA.jpg

CSA campaign victory.jpg

victory CSA.jpg

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1 hour ago, LAVA said:

Satisfying inst it?

A long haul to get there... Cheers!

Yeah it is, i enjoyed the CSA campaign more than Union. The Union was easier, both had very nice battles. Washington was one of the best.

24 minutes ago, Albert Sidney Johnston said:

Wow! Your performance is remarkable! Congratulations, General, on your victorious campaign! 

Thank you sir. Find my casualties a bit too high, saw one guy being appointed the president of the CS. I am a governer of Virginia. Virginians!

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