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UG Civil War’s Future

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On 12/4/2017 at 1:46 PM, Fred Sanford said:

Plus, it would be a completely different game in scope and detail.  The war in the West was very much a small unit thing- IIR Custer only had 2 companies of the 7th Cav with him at Little Big Horn.  So 1 or 2 skirmisher units in game terms. 

Same problem with American Revolution or War of 1812.  Overall the battles were small.  A "big" army in those conflicts was 10,000 men.  That's 1 or 2 divisions in UG:CW terms.  Maybe they could make the base unit a company or regiment, but like I said that would be a different game.

7 years war, Napoleonic, or late 19th century, would be the 3 main candidates that I think would be most suitable for this engine. Probably Napoleonic for most variety and market appeal.

Custer had the entire 7th Cavalry with him (12 companies).  He had 5 companies in his stand on the hill where he was killed. Reno, Merrick and Benteen had the remaining 7 companies with them.  But, it is very true that much of the war in the US Frontier was generally a small unit affair.  It was usually a company or two on their own.  Frontier postings usually lasted six years in one post.  That means every six years the entire frontier would rearrange.  Before the Civil War fighting in present day Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Washington and Oregon rarely exceeded the 800 men that engaged in the Rogue River Wars.  Post Civil War, the largest campaigns never had thousands in action at any time so, I agree it would be a very impractical game.


The same problem you mentioned with the War of 1812 or Revolution have the same problem with the conflict I would like to see, the Mexican-American War.  Armies were too small for a grand strategy game.  The Napoleonic Wars, Crimean War or at most the Franco-Prussian or German reunification wars would be great.  Essentially fix where I always felt the Total War games were a let down, the actual historical side.

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