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Pvp marks should say the nation that they were created against

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I honestly think thank pvp marks should say somewhere in the title the two letter code for the nation they were created against.

So let's say a swedish captain puts up a buy order for 100 pvp marks at 10000 

The marks he received for filling the contract would show (example) pvp mark (gb) x50, pvp mark (re) x 10, pvp mark (SW) x40.

Having the nation the pvp mark was rewarded for would enable easy recording and the chance for a little bit of nation v nation fun.

All pvp marks could be valued the same for rewards OR the rewards would require pvp marks from all nation's (example) 300pvp marks required for a British pvp reward would mean a minimum of 100 gb pvp marks etc..

Just an idea to promote all over pvp...


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What you're suggesting would mean the marks couldn't stack together, because they would need to have a unique nation next to each one. So we would then need to manage a separate stack of PvP marks for each nation we get kills against...? 

Personally I'd rather not split an item that currently takes 1 slot and force it to take up 11 slots.. 

The idea of knowing who is getting killed is a good one, but I think it should be attempted differently. 

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