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Regarding Signatures
Captains please stop using large vertically oversized signatures. They break the forum and make topics unreadable.


The maximum height allowed is 150px


From now on all oversized signatures will be deleted without warning

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Offensive names rule change


Offensive names are not allowed in game. If you consider the name offensive please report it by F11. Or by reporting it from chat using report name function. 


We do not have the system for renaming players yet.

Thus: Players using offensive names will be banned from chat and group functionality. 

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Friendly fire rule change


Green on green friendly fire results in -3x xp for every point of damage.

Green on green friendly kills will result in demotion to midshipman if the number of kills reaches 2. 

No tribunal is needed - we will provide the punishment weekly on fridays automatically.

If the number of friendly kills will reach 3 a national player account will turn pirate. 

The pirate who will get 3 kills will get his XP reset


Green on green means: you sink a player ON YOUR SIDE of the battle (who is green for you in the tab interface)


This rule has been replaced on September 8, 2016, see post below.  - H. Darby

Edited by Henry d'Esterre Darby

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Exploits and game breaking bugs.


It is the responsibility of captains to report exploits and game breaking bugs.

If you found something that allows you to receive abnormal amounts of XP, money or goods - please report this by using F11 or on the forum. 

Its ok if you used that bug for testing reasons and reported all cases to us. It is not ok to use the exploits consistently.

Captains with abnormal net wealth will have all their assets removed and in subsequent cases their accounts deleted. 

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We would like to remind everyone that all testers have to be vigilant and report exploiters and damage farmers

Damage farmers who are reported will have their assets wiped.

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Messages advertising selling items/gold/ships for real world currency are strictly forbidden. Players posting such messages will be banned without warning. Please report such messages by an in game report function.

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Change of the green on green rule. 


Green on green is not allowed with one temporary exception - if there are ships of the same clan present in the battle on both sides, and if the friendly ship interferes  both ships of that clan can be sank with no punishment (including the green ship).


Detailed explanation

Green on green rule was implemented when people (especially pirates) were joining joining battles and sinking friendlies, damaging or trolling them (basically behaving as an enemy).  For example.. a brig joins a a battle, boards your trader and then sinks you accompanying this with bad comments in battle chat

This behavior is still not tolerated


Lately some creative captains have started to use this mechanic to deny the chase or capture.

For example

  1. 2 pirate ships are chased by a US fleet.
  2. Pirate attack each other and hide in battle,
  3. if US fleet joins the battle then one of the pirates actively starts interfering with the combat under the green vs green protection

This protection is off from now in such cases

  • If a friendly ship belongs to a clan on the opposing side in the battle on the open world
  • and if this friendly ship interferes with combat (and does not actually fuilfill his duty to destroy the enemy)

this ship can be sank with no consequences. 

This is a temp solution and will be fixed once alliances patch hits.


This rule has been replaced on September 8, 2016, see post below. - H. Darby

Edited by Henry d'Esterre Darby

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Flag Purchase Exploit

Effective Immediately:
Captains purchasing flags via alternate accounts (or personally) with the intent to prevent or block others from purchasing the flag to capture a port will have the gold traced and their main account's assets and XP wiped without warning.  "Intent" will be determined solely by the Developers.  This also applies to more than one person pooling gold so that the alt can buy a flag.
Purchasing a flag as a decoy attack is still permitted.
The conditions that allow this issue will be adjusted in an upcoming patch to make it far more onerous and difficult to perpetrate this activity.

Captains noticing this activity occurring shall post in Tribunal with screen shots documenting the behavior.


Despite the fact that buying a flag is sort of allowed by design, using features for consistent and repeating griefing or severely limiting normal flow of port battle game play is not allowed. 
Captains involved in flag creation exploit must stop what they are doing. 
If this happens again the money flow to repeat offenders will be traced and final providers of funds will lose their assets and a lot of XP. The punishments can be delayed (because of lots of patch work for June content) but they are always inevitable!

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Green on Green Damage Rules

Be it known that in response to numerous reports of traitorous and dastardly attacks being perpetrated by miscreants upon their fellow allied Captains, the Admiralty hereby announces that it will no longer tolerate these dishonourable, despicable depradations upon its ships.  You have been warned.  Damaging a friendly shall imperil your rank, and possibly even your commission!


Due to the number of green on green incidents reported by Captains in the Tribunal, the following rule is now adopted by the Admiralty.  This rule supersedes (replaces) all previous green on green rules:


Effective Immediately


Intentional Green on Green Damage is no longer permitted in Naval Action.


This rule is now in effect for everyone in the game, regardless of nation.  


If you are in battle, and a green player in that battle begins to intentionally damage you, put it into Tribunal.  The Tribunal case must have evidence attached with it - a verbal only accusation will not result in any action taken.  Video is preferred - conclusive video will result in the highest chance of the person being punished.  Screen shots may be accepted, if they are numerous enough and complete enough to show conclusively, at the discretion of the Admiralty, that you were being intentionally damaged by a friendly.  Do not, under any circumstances, return fire or damage the offending player yourself.  "Self Defense" may not excuse you from being found guilty of green on green damage.


Unlike previous rules, it is no longer required that the offender get credit for sinking the player.  Doing any kind of damage (the amount of damage done will vary based on the case) intentionally to a fellow green ship in a battle may be punishable.  Obviously, there are times when accidental friendly fire happens - the Admiralty will work to ensure the evidence presented conclusively proves the intent to damage the friendly, and not an accidental damage situation.


Upon a Guilty finding by the Admiralty, the following actions will be taken against the offender:

1st Offense: The offender will receive a warning.

2nd Offense: The offender will be demoted to the first rank.

3rd Offense: The offender's account will be banned on all servers.


The Admiralty reserves the right to bypass one or more levels of punishment at its discretion - do NOT assume that you can get away with it once and get off with just a warning.


Ships marked as smuggler, if they are green inside your battle, are included in this rule.  You can not, under any circumstances, intentionally damage a green ship in your battle, or you will be subject to the sanctions in this post.

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Forgot to mention (thanks oldcrankyman for reminder)


We thought for a very long time of a system that will allow us to identify alts who are exploiting hostility mechanics. After careful deliberations we did not want to limit gameplay of normal players (because all systems and limitations will limit normal people in some or another way). So we have decided to just ban the offenders.


So the new rule starting now is. 


For the period of testing until release using alts to generating hostility is a bannable offence.

  • Report a person who is an alt or was an alt 
  • Report a port that he was helping to get hostility on
  • His account will be investigated and if he is found to be exploiting the mechanics he will get banned from the game until release.
  • His most active trading partner accounts will also be investigated and might be cleared from assets if they are his only trading partners.
Report the alts to any mods (especially Ink) and here in the tribunal. 


Identify potential time of the abuse, name, nation, region name. If you have screenshots it will speed up the things.


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Effective Immediately

Accusing people or groups of cheating, or exploiting in the public forums or in game chat is not permitted with the following exceptions:

  • If you have video or other effective and conclusive proof, you may post that proof along with the accusation in Tribunal.
  • If you do not have video or other effective proof, but instead suspect there may be wrongdoing, you may use F11, or Private Message Ink and/or an active Moderator on the forums.  Please provide as much evidence as possible, and please F11 and note the bug number where applicable.  If you're messaging Ink or the Moderators, it helps to have bug numbers (they look like NAB-12345, but bug numbers are not required) so that your complaint can be properly investigated.

Those who violate this rule in game are to be reported via right clicking the person's name where they made the statement, and selecting Report.  In the forums, please click the "Report" link at the top of the post.  Violation of this rule can result in withdrawal of your in game chat and/or forum posting privileges.


A note from the Moderation Team:

We would prefer that exploits (with reproduction) be provided via F11 or through a PM to Ink and/or an active Moderator on the forums.  If you feel an exploit has not been addressed or handled in a timely manner via F11, I assure you that including a few active Moderators in a PM will get you very quick attention so long as there is enough detail for us to replicate the bug.  Moderators are players just like you, and we come from almost every nation in the game - we do not like to hear about exploits and all hell breaks loose behind the scenes when one is brought to our attention and we are able to replicate it.

I have personally been involved in around four different exploit reports.  In every one of those cases, I had personal attention from a member of the Development staff within no more than 2 hours of being able to replicate the exploit and a fix was started shortly after.  We, as moderators, are very invested in a fair and fun game for everyone (we play it too, and with the same limitations in rank, money, etc. as players), as are the Developers.  We'll work with you to make sure identified and replicatable exploits are addressed and fixed as soon as possible.  Help us help you.

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Game Rules Update 01/16/2018
Proper station keeping is expected from all captains. If your maneuvers caused blocking of the friendly vessel you should apologize and immediately try to remedy the situation.
Intentional and sustained blocking of friendly ships without permission of the captain of a blocked vessel is not allowed. By doing so you deny the opportunity for combat. Blocking is only allowed with the captain of the blocked vessel consent (for example to block him/her from damage).
The following punishments will apply:
  • First offence - warning
  • Second offence - 1 rank demotion
  • Third offence full rank demotion
Tribunal posts on blocking must always be accompanied with a video. If someone is blocking your intentionally make a short video of that moment.

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