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I am starting a new BG Campaign for the confederates.  I was wondering what do you guys thing one should invest in most with the career points.  I was thinking politics so the CS can get as many men as they can as early as they can to make up for losses.

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I usually use this order:

1. politics

2. economics

3. army organisation (when suitable)

4. veteran units

5. medicine

6. logistics

7. reconisannce (never spend anything on this one, actually).

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You can also go

1. politics

2. medicine (20% less casualties is very strong)

3. AO (when suitable)

4. logistics (else you will run out of ammu in long battles)

5. economics

6. veterans

7. recon

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William 1993,

Everyone has their own style, and here is what I follow for CSA:

1. Army Organization for the first 4-5 points - to get a sufficient force started that will hold its own, and then have some punch besides

2. Politics - a necessary evil in this game and in the real world, but you need all the extra troops and funds you can obtain over time

3. From now on I emphasize Army Org and Politics at an even pace up to 10 pts

4. Medicine comes in 3rd occasionally to help get those veterans back into the mix

5. Fill in the others as you see fit - I have not noticed any preference for one over the others.


In parallel effort, I will follow this sequence:

1. At beginning, build some solid-sized infantry units at first and increase their size and quality of weaponry as time goes on.

2. At beginning, get a couple GOOD artillery units - preferably at least one 12-pounder Napoleon at beginning (6-pounder if necessary) - starting with small numbers and work the numbers bigger over time  -- -- you want to pound the crap out of any opposing unit that gets too close ...

3. At beginning, start a small cavalry unit with sword and horse pistol for 1st Manassas - this and skirmishers can play havoc with opposing supply units and artillery units that are not supported (infantry that will be held out of the up-close fight against you).  (e.g. during the 1st moment of 2nd Manassas I always send cavalry units and all available skirmisher units into most all of the wooded areas of the map, watching for any and all targets of opportunity to ambush - supply wagons to capture and send back to be used by CSA during the 1st day - and to wipe out Fed artillery units that are not escorted -- this can really play havoc with the other side's ability to conduct battle.  Be certain to remember you need to play "hide-and-seek" and to "run" when the Feds come chasing your skirmishers and cavalry.)  Increase the unit's size over time and gradually build up other units - eventually switching to carbines

4. Immediately start stashing extra points into the Logistics pile for each Corps as you build them over time - get to that 35,000 number for each and then forget them  :D

5. Be conservative and use defensive positions and woodlands to conserve and build your numbers over time

6. Always be on the look-out to wipe-out or capture the entire (even a big chunk is good) opposing army if an opportunity offers itself.  Once you succeed in this, the opposing army will always be weaker and greener than yours for a period of several battles, giving you further opportunities to repeat your success.

7. Watch your leaders and always promote the high-ranking ones til you get Lieutenant-Generals into the Corps commands, Major-Generals into Division commands, Brigadiers/Colonels/Lieutenant-Colonels into brigade commands.  After each battle, go thru your officers and cull out the ones who have been promoted high above where their status says they should be - put them in reserve and then move them to the appropriate levels to maximize your leaders' ranks and capabilities.  Leaders will get wounded or killed, and your supply of extras will come in very handy after the big battles. 

8. If you are concerned about getting your Army's Commanding General killed or wounded, put him into the reserve roster after the first couple battles and keep him there - he will still be mentioned in all the dispatches.


Good luck to you,



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I am in the closing campaign of a confederate BG campaign now. I went in (roughly) the following order:


I took the choices in the beginning to give points in logistics, medicine, and politics.


From there I put points mostly in politics with army organization where needed to get to have three corps with four divisions of five brigades (2000 man max infantry brigades). After that, I went mostly medicine except for getting enough recon to see the balance of power in each battle (4 points).


I find medicine is a better choice before economics or training because it decreases the amount of money you have to spend - the 20% replenishment isn't just veteran troops, but also the weapons they carry. From there, I went back and forth between economics and training, but in a 3-2 spread in favor of economics. Here and there I would add to logistics as well, since the later battles are very draining on your ammunition as you hold trenches against the Federals. Now that I am in the final phase of the campaign, I think I will be putting the last couple points to either AO to get a 4th corps or to logistics.


Of course, I should say that I followed the same points spread in my MG Union campaign as well, to good effect, though there it was even more important to get enough AO points as soon as possible (without having four divisions/five brigades at Gaines Mill I don't think I could have won).

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What  I normally did the first few times I played BG was politics to get a big stock of men and logistics to get lots of ammo.  Then I went organization to get a big army. I never thought about medicine before (I didn't know it meant men + guns).

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