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1 hour ago, Lars Kjaer said:

Hear ye! Hear ye!

The Danish-Norwegian navy fought a hard fight at Cayman Brac tonight against the spanish conquistadors! 

The danish-norwegian admiralty has decided to publish the following account from the danno-norwegian admiral in the battle.

"The wind was favouring the attackers from the start and for the first part of the battle the spanish aggressors kept the danish-norwegian battlefleet engaged from a distance while the danish fleet had a hard time beating against the wind for the spanish battlefleet. The wind turned against the danish-norwegian fleet as it was beating towards the spanish fleet leaving two of the danno-norwegian SoLs in a vulnerable position. After some hesitation the spanish commander decided to signal his fleet for an engagement. 

The spanish fleet was a ragtag fleet of different ships with a few Bucentaure class and Bellona class SoL's to provide their fleet with a backbone of steel and then added a mixture of frigates, cutters and a mortar brig to give the fleet some manouverability and freedom. This gave the spanish fleet the initial advantage when their commander identified two ships out of the line and vulnerable since the wind was shifting for the 2nd time in the battle. The ensuing chaos in the danno-norwegian lines meant that Captains Lars Kjaer, aboard the Bucentaure class "Frihedstøjten" and DarkJoker, likewise aboard a Bucentaure class ship of the line, was left battered, bruised and strugling to stay in the engagement. DarkJokers lineship was unfortanetely pummeled to the point where she could not be saved and floundered a few nautical miles off the harbor fortress. The spanish however had not achieved the sinking of the danish ship without cost and Hidalgo aboard a Bucentaure class SoL was singled out and sunk thanks to a concentraded fire from the danno-norwegian line. After this the battle turned into a messy brawl where the danno-norwegian heavier ships managed to sink several spanish ships. 

The battle deseves some honorable mentions:

From the danno-norwegian side: Captain Jesper Dahl, Thomas "Doc" Millar and Cabral

From the spanish armada: Captain Bill Barents for uncanny accuracy in the mortar brig and Captains DShiro and Hidalgo for isolating, sandwiching and killing the infamous danish-norwegian captain DarkJoker."

This reporter was lucky enough to recieve a painting comemorating the event from an unknown beneficiary!



EDIT: All hail the two kingdoms!

Well done. o7.

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This poor captain and captain Suenson was requested an demanded to intercept and engage the  enemy fleet. Both baldly went out to seek and destroy the enemy at Cayman, unfortunnaly all th ships the admirality could spare was two basic cutter. Still the captains in best naval tradition followed order and went to sea.

Met with an owervelming force the only things the captains could do was report back to the Cayman defence where the enemy came from.

The captains report indicate 20-30 ships of mix size infront of the nvasion fleet, mainly russian captains.

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