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To victory.... , to grow or sink and the reverse

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Hello captains/ devs and forum dwellers(tip read slowly its not my native language)

i want to give you a feeling(impression) of what is see and notice in a particular  scene  of the game

at some point when an update is made and a captain has sailed for a while on the  oceans waters 

i notice that the population loses interest in doing battle, or just gets on doing the easy stuff, or just stays in port after a while and wait for the next update /patch

or are just sailing around ports gathering stuff like a hamster 

the question pops up why !...

well the captains who still sailing, are doing battle on ports battle, and are doing only that( at the in their mind stronger nation groups, in own clans )just want to hear pew pew pew, and that's it.

and the other group is just sailing in their traders in their own waters gathering the mass quantity of good for the big war (which is not coming because it's in the mind of the captain and not actually there) that group is also not distributing good s on the market (because of the current state of the economy market )

i can go on for many reasons to find why people do stuff in the game, but.. just skip that 

lets talk about the not pew pew pew part

at some point, i believe that the true problem is, where it all starts in the first place

therefore The key issue is:  the distribution of goods, wood, upgrades. 

let me give you an example what i see and feel about a certain nation, but in some way,  it counts for every nation including pirates

to begin with, you can find everything and make everything in your own  territory or in a short sailing distance  

perhaps it is not the best but you can make a  / 3 rate if you want, and if you wait and have the building xp  ,or if you invest 150 cm for a note  , you have your ship.

For building a ship you need an amount of different kind of goods, in the close vicinity of the main port you can find after sailing a certain amount of miles all the good s to find and build your ship in what every wood type you want to build your ship (even you can build it in a lower class of wood for a particular ship type.,  you can build it),  also you can have any upgrade you want after a while because you do missions and the upgrades poor into your chest like a waterfall of upgrades who are useable or not.  >>  this kind of behavior has to be reversed...

after a while when the warehouse bursts with goods>  wood types and all other stuff, they build their ships until they cant stack any more ships and put them on the market where they stay for weeks and are not sold. > end of the shipbuilding player.  (here is a restriction in building max 10 ships and the builder can stack only 13 ships ((it can be more but that is not worth the money spend)) >>this kind of behavior has to be reversed...

it is to easy to make ships even when it is a crap ship,(bellona 2 days) i can make it (at some thoughtful point it took me 5 months to build and fly me my Marauder just to give you an idea)

i don't even have to leave  port i just buy it and build it (because there are players who have it all) and they deliver if you pay enough 

even when the Santa must be built from fir i will do it..(because there is no other wood type ) but i can build it because there is cotton, iron, gold, silver, hemp, fir, oak charcoal, coal

at some point in the Dutch nation, there was no coal and no silver and we screamed to the developers we have not this and that, that was not because we did not have it , but because everybody else had everything and we the Dutch were not on equal terms with other nations (just like we have no ship) {{we will continue to scream loud until we have our ship, we can not build a Dutch ship in the game}} (((the mechanism went wrong when they gave everything to  particular other nations and left some other nations out of it , they actually had to give nothing >> to no one)))

the final conclusion is that if you want to have and to make something you have to make plans to get it ..if you need hemp it can be found (for example)on the now  Mexico side  if you need iron you have to go to the British side if you need oak you need to go to the Swedes side, therefore you have to sail out of your own territory, just to make you vulnerable  for everybody in ow , >> and make content for hunters in ow 

there should not be a restriction on building ships but actually only on the availability(of building goods) in your own waters,    what not means there is a scarce amount of goods wood types and so on at other places   (like we see now with the Cartagena tar everybody is hacking the mechanism to get a hold on 5 pieces)

Traders: make trading goods and wood types logs a difficult decision 

at this moment you can transport 10  fir log  le oceans  in your cargo hold from one port and sail 20 miles and make them at the port when arrived>> in my eyes you need ten (10) trips from the Mexican side to the Swedish side to make 1 le ocean   >> that  needs a reverse

trading goods is completely out of balance you can sail with a few artifacts and earn a piece of gold (because it is money driven (balance) the weight is extremely high) they are afraid you become loaded with money (if there is a collector  who wants to have Mayas  golden earrings and he want to give me 1000 k a piece for it , so be it)

>> that needs a reverse>>   you must make a clear decision>>  sail with goods,/  or with building material to build ships.. ((your goal))


The big question pops up >>> is the grind going up  [the grind]

well maybe, but on the other hand maybe not! 

i believe that the price of ships will be sorted out more, and the need to conquer other ports on the other side of the world will intensify 

i predict you will see that fighting captains will fight more, and trader captains  will trade more and they need each other more than ever (and they also will understand that even more)

my conclusion is; simple

>. make building goods not accessible everywhere, but distribute them far apart from each other (it will change the world)

>.free the slot restrictions (buildings / shipbuilder/ship  seller/ contracts 

>.diverse weight....adjust  the weight on trading good.../  and wood and shipbuilding materials >>  for making a clear decision on the task of  the captain (he must make a choice ,/fast money/ or fast building a ship)

>. or adjust cargo hold as a whole(easy way)

>.ingrease ow speed factor 3 (where against the wind not looks like a 0 fps frozen image on your screen)

>. Upgrades,  to build, must be accessible for every one the only restriction is having the materials and not capacity ( freedom and skill of the shipbuilder) 

reward with : > honor, land, gold, women, parties, and medal, ranks and titles, headlines in the newspapers,(well you get my drift)

and bounty`s (not the kind you can eat), gold and silver......and paints (omg) for the battle winner ...and special rewards, one of a kind rewards(few anyway)


well thoughts enough for you (of this ingame review)


ps. if you want a extra water pump ..(omg)... it cost you ....a million ( in a matter of speaking of course )

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Not all of us think PvP is the be all and end all, some of us think that turning in circles firing cannons is pretty repetitive, don't get me wrong, I like a good fight, but not every moment of every game hour, I like to trade I like sneaking into enemy ports and seeing what I can acquire, that isn't for everyone, but it's OK for me.


The game has a market, it was designed to be multi-faceted, not just for fighting.

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It was a Great Post until you came to the actual Suggestion which does not only not do it Justice. But which even Contradicts it.....



Goods being far away not only breaks immersion as it makes no sense. It also results in a Giant Advantage for the Bigger Nations and in a Gamebreaking Disadvantage for the Smaller ones.

Worse. It will dramatically increase the hoarding of Goods because when you need to get stuff from far away and enemy ports you are even less inclined to put it on the Market.



Allowing one Player to have even more Buildings is also only reducing trade. Cause it just results in even more Clan and Self Hoarding of Goods....



See above. Allowing Players to do even more themselves would just increase hoarding...



No relation to topic????



Irrelevant to Topic and No.

Sorry but this just furthers the akready oppressive need to join a Clan.....




If you want to get the Economy rolling again. What you first need is Goods and Circulation of Goods.

We need to

- Get Rid of all the Multi Accounts that are in the Game and which allow a Single Player to have everything.

- Create low end and high end Farming Goods as well as low end and high end crafting Goods. So that People who Farm NPCs and People who Craft get a Reason to Trade.

- Create ways for Traders to be able and Trade without doing Suicide Missions. For example by allowing Letters of Trading Rights. Which can be used like a Smuggler Flag to Dock on another Nations Ports but which give you a Flag of that Nation thus other Players not being Allowed to Attack you. (Unless they wanna go Pirate)



If you want People to Sell Upgrades and Shios. Then Money needs to be worth Something.

Our Biggest Problem right now is. That there is really nothing to do with Money aside from basic Sustainenance of your Ships and Crafting.

We need to

- Make Buildings Cost an Upkeep. So you actually need to Sell the stuff from the Workshop if you want to keep it.

- Make Crew Cost an Upkeep. (Only if Active on a Ship)

- Add a Merchant Guild which will get you Certain Items for Gold. Or in Exchange for certain Trade Goods. For example. Trading Rights that allow you Free Passage into another Nation for 1 Day should Cost Gold. Many of the current Stuff you Buy with Marks like the Bow Figures should cost Gold.

- We need to bring back Tempirary Upgrades and these should have a Time Limit. For example. Hiring a British Gunnery Seargent should be a 72 Hour Temporary Upgrade to be Mounted on the Ship. Same for Paint Jobs or Imoregnation of your Hull or Tar Coating etc etc. These Should be Temporary Upgrades and Cost Gold to be Replaced.



This would get the Economy going. Because Crafters would actually need to Sell Stuff if they want to have a profit from their Workshop/Shipyard and Farmers and Fighters would need To buy stuff not onve in a Blue Moon but on a Regular Base if they want to Operate with Upgraded Ships.

At the same time Low End Goods dropped from NPCs integrate new Players into Market giving them Money from Traders and Crafters which then dont need to go out farm small fry.

While High end Dropped Goods mean that Crafters need to Buy something from Other Players if they dont want to do Big Missions themselves.


For an Economy to work you need a rotation of Goods.


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