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Post your most wanted sequel to ultimate general no matter how insane they are.

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18 hours ago, Hjalfnar_Feuerwolf said:

Started thinking about 7 Years War...could also be pretty cool. Still strongly supporting German Unification Wars, though.

My favorite game of all time was a tabletop miniatures 'Seven Years War' game a group I knew played back in college. The core group were a couple of lawyers, a physician, and the history professor and between them they could field a massive army of lead. The professor thought it a great way to teach Linear Tactics, and invited students who might be interested. I became a rabid fan, and lead Austria to ultimate victory during a year long campaign fighting out the entire war in Europe. Grenzers and Croat Skirmishers followed by Hungarian infantry and their plethora of field guns flanked by Currassier and Dragoons for the win. 

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On 03/02/2018 at 11:03 PM, LAVA said:

Agreed, customization weapons wise would be limited.

The Napoleonic era does offer 3 types of infantry (light, line and guard), 3 types of cavalry (light, line and heavy) and 2 types of artillery (line and horse). Cavalry and artillery can also be given a further customization as guard. So while weapons customization is limited, unit customization is quite varied... which would be especially nice if you could see the difference on the battlefield.

Indeed. Not only there are 3 different types of infantry (well actually 2 and guard units of the 2 types, but let's say 3) but also in battle formations are a lot more flexible : from the pure line to the mixed order to batallon up to divisional columns, the variation is huge.

The cav component of the game would be capital, if done well it would set the tone for the combined arms ultimate orgasm that a napoleonic wargame can be : light cavalry for scouting, probing, pursuing and occasional charging. Heavy cavalry for shock assault, dragons with the ability to dismount as well... There is a massive amount of fun to be had.

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English Civil War. Around 1643 so you have pike and musket.

The current skirmisher would work well with the musket component of regiments.

The weapons would be clubs/pitchforks for peasant levies, pikes, matchlock muskets, firelocks, rare flintlocks, wheel-lock pistols.

Armor; nothing, buff coats, breastplate and helmet, and the rare cuirrassiers (Haselrig's Lobsters)

Regiments can be raised by leaders (parliamentarians or nobility) and supply was important. Smaller scale than the US civil war, but lots of scope for color and period atmosphere.

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(1) Ashamed to admit I'd like to be beaten on in multiplayer UGCW.

(2)  Based on tabletop wargaming experience  the American War of Independence with maneuver units at the battalion and  detached company level would work as a game and would feel right, with a big battle feel for the largest engagements.  The engine is already set up to accommodate light infantry and "Indian style" tactics.

(3) Based on the modding design genius already shown with Total War mods and UGG and UGCW, I'm sure a convincing French Rev/Nappy Empire game would be well done. There are wargames models that properly capture the expertly managed psychological battle of tension between opposing sides approaching close quarters that rarely led to actual hand to hand combat in the open field without one side or the other withdrawing or breaking first. The phenomenon of actual close combat in the ACW is even more interesting.

(4) A 19th C imperial age game Mating the UGCW engine to a rework of AGEOD's elegant strategic engine (Pride of Nations) ,and economic game with multiplayrer would be top of my wish list.  You did ask for crazy, right?  





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Ultimate War: Montcalm Goes to Canada (French-Indian Wars)

Ultimate War: Flanders (Eighty Years' War)

Ultimate War: Tea Party (American IndepenDance)

Ultimate War: Bonnie Prince Charlie & The Bloody MacAddams (Jacobite Rebellion)


Also I would like to get 4 more stats for the units:

- Hunger

- Footwear Tear

- Lice Saturation

- Wig & Beard & Moustache Level


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