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Work in progress: Working title.

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On 10/2/2017 at 6:26 AM, BungeeLemming said:

Working title? My suggestion:

leadded seas!

With the ammount of shot flying around if all the main and secodary gun batteries are going at it? dam thats gonna be crazy.

And I really really like the idea of designing my own Batleship. Ive seen such a game bevore on youtube but cant possibly remember its name.. It was a really old title tho..

You are possibly thinking of Rule the Waves from NWS, already mentioned above.  Really not that old (2015), but sacrifices graphics for having just about everything else you could ever dream of in a wargame / sim for this era.  Really the only things missing are beautiful 3D ships (with first person bridge  and gunnery views), seas, coastlines and weather conditions. (hint, hint Gamelabs ;) Small order, right?)

Here is a nice overview of previous PC games for this era:


p.s. title suggestion: Rise of the Dreadnoughts

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