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17 hours ago, TommyShelby said:


Makes you wonder what the hell the dev priorities are. Legends will surely come close to the types of battles that RvR players enjoy at its higher tiers, and those whose sole interest is PvE already have the PvE server for that purpose. So if anything, you'd think that the PvP servers would be the place to be for OW PvP, and yet it's just getting worse and worse for that...

Just looking at the reinforcement mechanic we now have, it doesn't address the issue why it's completely pointless for players to defend their own waters (lots of repairs + speed caps), just the symptoms of it.

Nor does it make reinforcement zone PvP possible by providing a challenging but at least beatable amount of defense, noooo, it whacks you over the head with several 1st rates to deal with your *insert frigate name here*.

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Personally I'd be 100% in favour of varied number of ships in PB's so we have variety in our game but even more so what I would really love to see is PB's that had a requirement of different ship classes, eg a 25 ship lineship PB allowing say a choice of 4-6 1sts, 8-12 2nds, 8-10 3rds as the of set up for each side, ie a spread of types but also the choice within each class of how many you have within certain guidelines. The same could be done with 4th rate PB's where some 5th rate frigates were also required in the PB. This would open up gameplay in either of those two aforementioned PB's to have much more variety and options for how the sides fought the battle. Personally i think that would be great fun! :)

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There are so many small ports in the game that are not strategic ports, I would think it would be easy to make some of these ports smaller port battles not requiring 25v25.

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