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Battle crash due Instance Server Crash

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rahzor    7

We just were in a battle with danes (they all send their F11 reports as beeing told) around 18:30 -19:30 Server Time in front of Santa Domingo.

Following 'glitches', bugs happened:

Every ship came back, if the player stayed inside the battle.

Every ship in the battle went out of battle fully repaired.


So in easy words: except the one who got sunk and left, it seemed the battle didnt happen for the people stayed in battle.


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EliteDelta    320

Just reiterating the OP:

The battle crashed. If the player had already left the battle (2gud) nothing happened. If the player was still in the battle (everyone else) they appeared outside the battle on the OW with full health ships. So all the sunk danes appeared on the OW with full health, even though they were sunk inside the battle. The players involved didn't get rewards for the killed enemy ships. 

I wasn't there, but I was on TS with the AHOY guys the whole time. 

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I was one of the Danes in the battles and i lost my Bellona. I stayed in the battle scene so I could see if my team mates would make it. with about 18 min left on the battle timer we got the connection lost message.  I was then spawned in OW on my fully repaired Bellona I tried to send a F11 but I dint know if it went trough

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GreasyMnky    21

Same thing happened at about 20 minutes left in the fight.


2 ships were sank, 2 left crippled, we didnt get rewards after the crash.

We had 3-4 DC on our side during the fight as well.

after the crash all 4 ships were in OW, were were full health

we tagged 3 of them, only 1 was in the battle instance.


only got rewards for the last kill.

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JBeiner    0

Something a bit different happened to me...

While I was in battle with two tlynxes in my wasa, I received an error message reading "Error: Client received corrupted data" And I crashed

When I logged back in I was being fired upon by first rates.

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