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Cannot Start Game Since New Patch [EDIT: Closed]

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EDIT: Solved with just downloading the latest available from Microsoft (see here). Can be closed.



I've been unable to get to the Naval Action login screen since the patch arrived. The game launches to its blue screen, loads for a brief period, and displays the message


Required libraries could not be loaded. Please verify game cache integrity and make you installe[d] Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2017  (x86/64).


I've verified game integrity (all verified correctly), restarted Steam, reinstalled Naval Action and verified game integrity again (all verified correctly). Next is to double check the redistributable. Which version is required? Is it possible to have a link?

Steam did seem to do its usual redis update when I first launched after the patch, and I have the 2017 Redis (14.10.25008) installed.


MS Windows 7 64bit, AMD R9 390x (gpu), AMD FX8350 (cpu)

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