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Roll chat feature back...

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...to the previous system.  When you type "too much", the front end of the message gets chopped off.  There's no way to tell where that end limit is anymore.  The only solution is hitting Enter a whole lot more frequently.



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16 hours ago, Flakbait said:

Update:  This doesn't seem to affect all players.  Very weird.


To help devs can you maybe let them know the settings you might have the game. I noticed one time mine was set to some odd resolution and there was issues like this.  It was right after a patch and had to reset my settings and it was fine.    Maybe that was the reason, check your settings and they might need to be adjusted.  I play on a 4K monitor, but play in 1080 but some reason it was set to some crazy odd setting last patch when I updated.

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It seems the problem is about chat window size, when the message takes 4 or more lines in the chat field, the first line is dissaperiang, unless you resize the chat window before sending the message by this button (only a minor adjustment is required):


So, the workaround. If you chat window is something like this:


Please adjust it to something like this:


Or, in case you are writing a long message and still want a small chat window, you can resize a little the chat window before sending it and full message will be restored.

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