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Jean Baillon

PVP missions

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With the population so low i really would like to see a quick and fair way to have PVP, with different kinds of missions :

  • 1v1, 2v2, 5v5 combats with same BR (meaning that some can bring one ocean and several small ships or 5 same ships)
  • Rookie pvp missions (same but without loss of your ship, smaller rewards of course but would be good for new players)
  • Escort missions : escort trader ships in the middle of enemy waters (high risk = high rewards)
  • Find a trader fleet in your waters or enemy waters (the other side of the previous mission)
  • Raids on enemy ports (5 or 10) the players attack a port, 15 min notice for defenders if there is not enough defenders, complete with NPC ships. If attack successful the raid steal money and impacts the port for a time (10% taxes for 3 days and upkeep x2)


Please let me know what you think of this

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All of those would liven up the PvP aspect of this game significantly. 

Missions by players would be a great addition, for example Traders seeking escorts. Or new players wanting to be joined by more experienced players. It would also bring players closer together. 

Also some kind of tavern where npc informants give you info about whereabouts of enemy players. Going into more story content here ...


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