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Smuggler à la outlaw

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Right now there is no downside of having a smuggler flag, thus it's always good to have it turned on. I see lots of players sailing with a smuggler flag all the time. Why? What benefits does it bring?

  1. If I capture a trader or if I have a trader in fleet, I can switch and dock to enemy port
  2. If I use LGV for PvP, I can hide in enemy ports and repair there (common tactic)
  3. All traders are advised always to have a smuggler flag turned on (just in case)

My proposal:

Bring back "friendly" attack option on any smuggler player even within the same nation. Such battle would be exactly like an outlaw battle (join timer, no rewards, one big joining circle).

Results? That way using a smuggler flag for PvP will be very risky (if you get tagged, your battle will be outlaw battle type). Traders won't be carrying smuggler flag if they have no intentions to smuggle something in or out from enemy ports. Only the true smuggler will risk and carry the smuggler flag - thus this game mechanic will be working as intended because now everyone carries the smuggler flag.

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Nations need a mechanism for policing their own waters. Inspecting and sinking or seizing cargo from unknown smuggler ships is the only way to do that.

It is true that would make it possible to gank your own national legit players who are on a smuggler mission but any nation that does that (or allows it) would deserve to lose their players.

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They need to bring back where any one even your own nation can attack players with smuggler flag on.   Though right now there is a little loop whole nationals can use against pirates.  If you tag some one with Smuggler flag on that isn't a pirate it makes there battle join side pirate only.  So if our dane friends tags a Dutch (sorry @Farrago) player with a smuggler flag on even if he's in a trade ship or not, it makes the Dutch player side Pirate and we can't join the Danes side.  The same goes for if a Dane with smuggler flag is tagged by a French but he has Danes close by but not in the tag circle.  It makes the Dane side Pirate and they can't join to help.  

It doesn't effect pirates at all which is why you pretty much see every pirate with it turned on.  I think it should be a perm thing for pirates with no clicking at all and it should make Nationals Temp Pirates that follow the FFA rules if attacked so any one can join.

@admin I know the reason it was removed along with Pirate vs Pirate but why hasn't it be brought back that while smuggler flag is on you can be attack by any one?

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