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Battle modes ideas

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Given the closed / open beta of Naval Action Legends is going to start soon 


Its very very soon basically.

and hoping that there will one day the possibility to host custom battle rooms, I thought we could already start to collect a few ideas of interesting battle settings.

Not 100% sure if they are even planning on adding a custom battle mode, but it REALLY would be a great feature IMO. So many possibilites. Similar to War Thunder's custom lobby mode.



One idea I had was the following:

Dice Carnage

Up to 50 players meet in a custom lobby. Players joining a Dice Carnage battle will be told to use a ship which is decided by a RNG website. The easiest way of doing so would be to have one main responsible organizer, who is streaming both the ship distribution and the battle itself.
The streamer will go through the participants list, name by name, and roll a virtual dice on a site such as this one. Every number will be assigned to one of the 24 ships. So basically, the whole composition of both fleets is going to be decided by drawing lots. That could technically mean a 25v25 lynx, but as such a scenario is extremely unlikely to happen, we should have a nice mixed fleet battle.

Obviously this means that you will have to accept the verdict of RNG, no matter what. If you don't, you will be kicked from the Lobby.
Groups should probably be disabled, because it could potentially screw up the matchmaker. I'm not 100% sure if it would be easier to keep the matchmaking player-made and decide the teams in the lobby, or let the auto-matchmaker do it.


Please share any ideas regarding custom battle mode scenarios, and provide feedback on others :)

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Its an objective based gamemode. There is one zone which is changing its position every 10 minutes. The team with more ships/more BR in it will gain points.

It forces you to constantly reposition and to make active plays to get control over the zone.


Team size can be anything really. Can be also played with more than 2 teams (for example 4 teams with 3 ships each).

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Historic Scenarios

This could be done as a custom battle room or as a developer set up event. This battle mode could be a specific battle, like Trafalgar or the Nile, or even a smaller battle. Battle of Lissa 6 Franco-Venetian frigate plus smaller ships vs. 4 British frigates. The problem for NAL would be the lack of certain ships, but you could substitute rate for rate. We certainly all remember the Trafalgar events of the Sea Trials days! 

Another  example would be like WT Events which are matches with opponents that would or could have faced each other (No King Tiger vs. M60 etc.). Although tbh these types of events would work better with a lot more ships in game. An alternative might be a set mission like WoWs Dunkirk missions, which were co-op vs. ai. There were only a few player warships escorting the merchant ships and yachts to get the troops back to England. Something similar could work here.

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