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The game is failing, and what we could do to help.

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We all know thew game is nearly dead, and this obviously provides a problem. And I wanted to share what I think the devs and the community could do to help. 

1. Combine the servers, since only about a 1000 players between all servers are playing, why not combine at least 2 of them? Normally I see only about 70 or so players on a single server, and it would breath new life into the game to combine these servers.

2. Make extra crew members more reachable. I quit the game originally because of the little XP you get per battle, and how you need to grind endlessly for even just 20 extra crewmen, making it extremely hard to man the ships you have.

3. Make money harder to get. I remember having a 3rd rate before I could even come close to manning a 6th rate. Merely because money is so easy to come by and crew so few and far between, I was able to get powerful ships like the U.S.S Constitution and the Ingermanland before I could even fully crew a snow.

These were just some suggestions I thought I should make about improving the game and hopefully make players buy the game and actually play it.

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jodgi    2,265


1. That's a big issue being discussed elsewhere.

2. You haven't played much lately? Crew is cheap.

3. I think you're pretty much alone in this.

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Quineloe    1,131

I think the last time he played was 18 months ago and someone gave him a free captured 3rd rate.

Else the post can only be pure fabrication.

Edited by Quineloe

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Macjimm    477
6 hours ago, Intrepido said:

We should be able to give dislikes.


4 hours ago, Bearwall said:

Most uninformed post ever.

Perhaps he is not serious.  He could be just trying to generate responses.

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Skully    1,009

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