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Sails damage and repairs

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well after good consideration, and seeing a lot of battles 

i believe that the sail repairs should be only one 1 time in battle and not multiple times from what we have now 

also, the chain shot has a too much impact on the sails in one broad compared to the speed of the vessel after bin brought under the 80 % 

from 100-80 it does do nothing 

when under 80-60-  the half of your speed is gone 

even in real time they did not repair in battle 

so i think,:  remove the constant repair or just one time and that's it.....

or reduce impact on damage to sails significant..

no ship has a chance to escape when outnumbered and everyone is shooting sail at you  it's actually very lame

let's make tactics and balls important again



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I agree! Sail repair during battle should only happen once. The current practice of shooting upper sails seems to take 30-40% off speed. I thing jury rigging should only repair about 15-20%. If the whole mast or bowsprit are lost, no repair should restore the mast and sails during battle. The same for hull repairs. Only emergency leaks and fires should be allowed after one hull repair. This may require making it harder to demast the upper sails or shot less effective at hitting masts and sails.    

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Then you'll have the constant scenario of people only going for sails/mast because you can only repair them once.

making it impossible to chase, run, take any risk whatsoever because losing masts is an immediate unrecoverable lose. 

Instead just simply increase the time between reps to 15 minutes, or seperate sail/mast repair into 2 seperate things.

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The easy fix would be to make balls limited, ships wouldn't carry too many double headed shot at all, generally enough for around 3-4 broadsides, the same goes for grape which was usually around 4-6. I'd also limit round shot but keep it fairly unlimited, say 50-80 broadsides, this would mean people can't just endlessly waste iron all day long, it shouldn't be something you have to buy, just limited to battle instances. No one complains about having limited ammunition in shooting games, the idea of introducing it here would be a good start, you could always have a cheap perk for giving more specialist shot too, for example having a "American Quartermaster" perk would give you more double headed shot, as the US navy carried more than the navies of Europe.

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The issue of sail and mast repairs is a very hard one to balance, to many repairs allow for an extension  of a battle until the victim can no longer repair and is subsequently sunk or boarded, too few repairs results in much the same result, and actually denies the nations and merchantmen who primarily chained their opponents that tactic.

I think it Is understood by all that The French style of fighting depended largely on disabling their enemy, it offered them the option of either fighting and ultimately boarding or breaking of the battle having the more intact sails to do so. The British were more likely to pound on the hulls, reducing crew numbers to board an opponent, these are of course  generalities Captains on  both sides could and did use either tactic or even both.

Sail repairs are already limited by the number of rig repairs carried and the cool down clock, perhaps the best route would be to leave them in place, at a reduced level or longer cool down times and add Fluffy Fishy's idea of limited ammunition, it would mean that if a captain who is chaining has a limited window to disable by chain and an option to reduce crew numbers to board while the victim is repairing sails.

This opens the door to more realistic engagements where a higher percentage of battles are drawn or where judicious use of repairs and ammunition decide if a player is sunk or escapes.

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