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Bjerg Bjergsson

Missions System (Players New and Old)

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Hi folks,

Something that has been on my mind lately when I log in is new player content. Something that entices a player into the game and also keeps them interested. Certainly XP and gold rewards serve their purpose but they are what come after the content, not the content in of itself. Here I am proposing gameplay which can be interesting to players new and old but also perhaps educational and can teach the new players a bit of the RvR/PvP elements as well. 

Currently there are two types of missions: Fleet and solo missions. Using these as a basis I'm going to build on them and suggest missions that can be both rewarding and entertaining. These missions could have RvR rewards as well to the nation or be strictly player rewards (or a mix of both). 

1st level mission: Protect Fisheries - Using 7th rate ships protect a small number of fishing ships (AI controlled trader cutters, trader lynxes) from attack by pirates/Nationals. These missions are based in safe zone around main port. Closed to PvP. The AI controlled ships will try and remain in a certain area (fishing) while avoiding attack for the duration of the mission. Keep 50% alive for mission success (ramp rewards up for more ships kept alive) until timer runs out. 

2nd level mission: Coast Guard - Using up to 6th rate ships chase, sink or capture 5/5 smugglers in the region. OW mission encouraging player to learn the basics of attacking ships in OW. Closed to PvP.

3rd level mission: Protect Whaling Fleet - Using up to 5th rate ships protect a fleet of 5 whaling ships towards the edge of the protected zone. Open to PvP. Whaling ships are LGV types and act much the same as the fishing ships in lvl 1 mission. 

4th level mission: Patrol - Using up to 5th rate ships sink or capture 5/5 enemy nation flagged warships (6th rate or above). OW search and destroy outside the protected zone. Open to PvP

5th level mission: Convoy Escort - Up to 4th rate ships. Attaches AI trade fleet to player (and group) of 5 trade ships (t. brig and above) and gives them a destination to sail to in another region. AI OW fleets will attack if close and is open to PvP. 

6th level mission: Raiding - Up to 3rd rate ships. Destroy or capture 3/3 Tower or fortifications in an Enemy or Hostile port. Open to PvP

7th level mission: Blockade - Up to 1st rate ships. Destroy 10/10  enemy ships (5th rate or above) in enemy held regional waters. Open to PvP

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I like the idea of OW questing where it encourages players to leave their capitals for the sake of pvp. Escort missions can be part of that. 

Honestly scavenging wrecks should be an thing that is a mission, not just out of bottles that are rare to get. Anything that populates the open sea with players is good. 

Good for pvp too. 

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I realize that it's a lot of searching to go back and look for it, but if you were to go back and successfully find them, there are a whole bunch - I mean really a lot - of suggestions for enhancement of missions.  Lots of detailed suggestions.  The only thing that was ever added was the trade mission.  Your suggestions above are good, but many already suggested.  There seems to be no interest in developing such missions, unfortunately.  Which is a real shame because I completely agree with the purpose you state above, to captivate the new players as they begin the game, and give them a whole lot to wade through and to look forward to.

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