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Color blind question.

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admin    28,100

Captains - if you are color blind

Do you see the difference between background tones?

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Christendom    2,050

I'm red/green colorblind, heavily it seems.  For reference in battle allied and enemy ships look exactly the same color to me and I HAVE to use colorblind mode.

In your attached picture the far right 2 look exactly the same.  3 and 4 are close.  1 and 2 are distinctive.  I would make one of them more tan or sand colored if possible.  



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Madjohn    5

2-3 and 4-5 are close to me.

In fact i see 3 tones :


2-3 (=)

4-5 (=)

Thank you for taking colorblindness in consideration :) .

Btw i would like to draw you attention on the color blind mode in NA.

The white cursor for aiming and the white player names are melting with the whiteness of the clouds.

At the end, it would be nice to have a color setup as you have in some games (like warthunder),  so people can choose the color in accordance with their colorblindness.


Ps  : I'm not the kind to make advertisement, but those changed my RL color perception (yeah, i cried like a child like in the videos :))



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