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Donjuan Dimarco

Nuts behaviour of british captains at Port battle of Pinar del Rio

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2 hours ago, Peter Goldman said:

I haven't seen it myself, but from what I heard these players were unable to fight because they ran out of repairs. 

You can't understand one thing, you failed to capture them. It happens very often that players decide to turn off survival to deny the prize from their enemy and I don't want to bring "historical" accuracy here but it's valid tactic. I don't want my enemies to use my powerful ships full of best mods, right? Is it an "asshole" tactic? Yes. Is it valid? Yes. I've seen dozens of players do it, especially pirates in outlaw battles and I never complained about it, I see no problem with it even when my enemies deny their ships from me taking them.

I remember a certain clan that was formerly Brit and now France doing this with an Aggy in there fleet of Trincs.  They couldn't get him down in time that our fleet caught up the Trincs had to take off and we still was able to finish off the Aggy and board him and capture it.   It works some times and other times it doesn't.  I know I have turned off my survival before and let a ship sink or blow to denie the prize just as many others have.  Why would I let you capture my ship and use it against me?

1 hour ago, Peter Goldman said:

Yes, they chased 3-4 ships and got ambushed by 6. You say sinking each other to deny prize is not fair, I answer that ambushes are not fair. We are both right and these things are not meant to be fair :)

War is never fair, folks need to understand this...  You want fair Legends will be your game.

54 minutes ago, Peter Goldman said:

Historically some captains could set their magazine on fire and let the ship explode.

Yes and some ships where scuttled to keep from being captured.  So they could not be refitted and used back against that nation  if they feel in the enemy hands.

As for the OP even my own clan has done this and we joked that what if they pop in late and found half our ships demasted as we sat around bored testing things out.....oh and I get pissy if some one shoots my ship without permission.  I mean down right cranky pissy lol

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Agreed green on green is not against the rules. 

In case you were attacked please provide more information via private message to me, otherwise this thread is closed.

To everyone, Captains, if you plan to shoot each other being in one team please make sure everyone agreed, otherwise it can be seen as breaking the rules.

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