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RVR System Rework

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So Ive been actually sitting around and thinking about this game and how it could be made better. I dont know this new system will improve on the current system we have now. Before you spend considerable time and resources consider this:

1 Mega Coalition forms. They take over the middle of map. They impose max tax on all ports (which im guessing have valuable resources). They start mass producing SoLs and denying everyone else access. 80% of locked out player base leaves. Map stagnates again.

PVP should be fun. PVP should be for everyone. PVP should be as equal as possible. Elite PVP is when a group with equal or less firepower consistently defeats opponents. Elite PVP isnt resource/gear/number advantage where haves seal club have nots.

Heres an easy non coding/resource intensive way to improve RVR. 

Reduce costs for all ships and cannons. Make it so players who arent experienced or sure of 100% chance to win want to get out and fight. Bring back durability. Mercenary system for small nations. eg. English player joins Dutch on 2 week contract for increased rewards. 14 day invulnerability for new accounts (cant initiate PVP).

Regional Capitals PB use current mechanic. Other ports in region have to be conquered using old flag system. Flag system for both attacker/defender is open 24/7. Defenders can retake regional ports back after 6-12-24(?) hrs creating tug-of-war. Both sides get Call-to-Arms once flag is delivered that PB starts in 1-2 hrs. Attacker cant flag bomb 3-4 ports in one go. Each must be taken consecutively to keep war zone active. Much fighting and sinking ensues in region since its active for 12+hrs. Nations only allowed to attack one region at a time. PBs are open to everyone in appropriate ship. First come first serve.

Improve PVP rewards. Cash for damage. Make it so every player in participating nations want to stop their mission/crafting/trading plans and go to Region X to fight. Old durability system so players dont have to sail back to capital to get ship. Or maybe free teleport to conteseted regions. Much carrot and loot for everyone who participate in PVP. Mod drop rate x5 in contested regions. Funnel all participants in to a target rich environment. 

Yes PVP rewards should be bigger than any PVE activity whether you win or lose. Make PVP main focus for everyone. Chaos, madness, action, fun and sparkly things for all. PVP 24/7. There is so many things could be done if devs move away from 'winner take all' 'grind pve to pvp' ideas.

Once there is a good RVR/OWPVP system in place devs can just focus on balance and adding content.

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