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Hardcore RvR for the Pirates

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I'm just going to toss up an idea, it might be over the top or too controversial, but I want to see whether there is any interest in it.

There should be a split view between Pirates and Nations of the RvR.

  1. Pirates captured Ports are turned into Free Ports with a Lord Protector.
  2. The Lord Protector defines which (Pirate) Clan "owns" the Free Port.
  3. From the view of a National the Port is a Free Port, from the view of a Pirate the Port is a Clan owned Port.
  4. Pirates can only build in Clan owned Ports.

I'm curious what you would think if it was raised as an actual proposal.

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57 minutes ago, seanjo said:

What does RvR stand for?

Realm vs Realm. You can even read this as Pirates living in a different realm as opposed to Nationals. :D

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