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Cold Harbor as CSA

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I am going to start by saying something everyone here already knows, the game is awesome and addicted. I completed the whole campaing for both the CSA and the Union at Colonel level and currently playing as CSA in Brigadier General. I have been reading the forum constantly and seeing what people say about scaling but I thought it couldn't be that bad, until I beat the Union at Gettysburg on day 1. So you have an idea how I have done so far on the major battles only starting after the 2nd Bull Run:

Battle                          Union Infantry Losses        CSA Infantry Losses

2nd Bull Run             29,842                                    8,448

Fredericksburg        45,288                                    12,902

Stones River            41,415                                    23,759

Chancerllorsville     24,602                                    11541

Gettysburg               17,023                                      6,701

After this battle, I see their strength increase to something between 122K to 127K before the Chikamugua (sorry for the spelling) battles. After the battle:

Chickamugua        52,570                                    25739

Now, I am getting ready to start CH and notice that their strength increase again to somewhere in the neighborhood of 152 - 157K. I only have 3 corps with around 31 - 33K troops total. Any suggestions on how to tackle CH once I finish the ancilliary battles will be appreciated. 

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