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The Pump on the Connie???

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49 minutes ago, derekticus said:

same w/ Open Magazine -  you'll get a fire EVERY single battle!!!!

Well that makes sense.. Open Magazine means basically the door is open and they are stock piling power closer to the Guns rather then running back and forth with it. You leave power laying around with guns going off and Cannon balls hitting metal things on your ship causing sparks.. BAD things will happen:)(plus I thin that extra 10% chance is figured PER SHOT that hits.. that is a lot of RNG rolls..


 I always thought the Pumps were.. I don't know in side the ship to pump water out?

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its called RNG, an another name for" bad" coding 

it should not give a warning until the box is hit.....

it makes you crazy every time to see the same pump malfunctioned again



pump on the vasa


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