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Just now, Jean Ribault said:


....and wrong again !  I like to play pve on a pvp server just as much as on a pve server.  It's a different experience and I enjoy them both.  You just never end with the misinformed statements.

well explain your point. how is it different?

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8 minutes ago, Jean Ribault said:

I don't need to.  I did it in a different thread.  Apparently you didn't bother to read, just spouted off here.

then link it, i don't follow you.....

yes i spouted off here because it was where i was responding to how the game has changed and how it addressed an issue that no longer existed......i do the same in other forums also. that is how discussions work.....if your so sad about it don't read or counter it..i asked nicely enough why you wanted and empty ocean or why PVE on a pvp server is a different experience...do we need a new thread for that or are you able to link your response?


did you just quit smoking, or are you hungry....you seem angry at something.


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18 hours ago, Fastidius said:

Alts are a money grab by devs....blocking the trading of permits and marks in this release would have been a big deal,  binding ships to account with sinking and permits given to craft new ships would have solved the other issue.  and making nations with all the resources is the 3rd reason to have an alt....and that's easily fixed if they would just make the smuggler thing into a fly wrong colours and people need to remember player names......ie unkowns would be smugglers but people with reputations would be identified and shot

If they had any intention of stopping alts they could have addressed it in many ways....even Everquest which was a year 2000 MMO understood Binding gear.

How is blocking the trade of marks and permits going to help anything? Most of the time the marks are traded to a clan crafter in order to build the larger ships. If you force the crafters to have to grind for the marks you will see ship production drop to near zip. So please explain how blocking trading of marks is a better way of doing things and how would it help.

Binding ships to account, so everyone has to build their own ships or capture them? You ever consider that some people do NOT like to craft and would prefer to just purchase replacement vessels instead of sail all over the place to gather the materials. No game I have ever seen that was worth a crap EVER bound crafted items to the crafter preventing the item from being sold, it is the MAIN way that crafters usually earn money.

Alts are used to generate crafting materials not simply sail in and purchase them. The smuggler flag is still available so unless you're thinking that alts are sailing into a port and purchasing the materials and then sailing them to a freeport I do not see the advantage of using an alt this way. I would be better to have the alt with buildings and trade them to a smuggler or sail the materials to a freeport to hand off to the other account. 


Alts have many uses, it is HOW they are used that determines if they (the alt) undermine the game. That is a personal choice by the player and is determined by the players intent. Does the player prefer a game of cloak and dagger and spying over moving cargo from one place to another. Does the player want the alt only for the additional crafting hours it can provide. Is the alt for additional buildings and ship storage? So in the end it is one very simple and consistent thing, it is not the ALT that presents the issue, it is the intent of the player. And for what it is worth, someone who is intent on being a pain could just as easily do it with their main account.

If crafting in Everquest is anything like LOTRO then your binding is wrong. Crafted items are not bound until they are equipped. To bind something upon crafting will actually kill crafting as then every single player will need to horde materials and some players really do NOT like doing that.

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