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Questions about weapons and supplies

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I am new to the game and I have three questions.
1.  Do weapons carry over between campaigns?  Let me give an example.  You play as the Union, and during the first campaign (1st Bull Run) you have the option to buy 25 spencer rifles for your skirmishers.  Suppose you don't buy them, do those 25 carry over to the next campaign (Shiloh)?
2.  Related to the previous question, suppose I do buy the 25 spencer rifles, does it have any impact on how many spencer rifles will be available for the next campaign?
3.  Capturing a enemy supply wagon seems like a waste of effort.  At the end of the battle, it will tell you how many supplies you captured, but it doesn't seem to increase the number of supplies that you actually have.  Do you actually get money for capture supplies or am I missing something?  Thanks for the help! 

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I have been playing the game for a while and although by no means I am an expert, I am also no a rookie. I will share my two cents worth on your questions. 

1. I have seen that weapons do carry over from battle/campaign to the next. The question is for how long. On my first campaign as CSA, I had the option to by 150 Withword Sniper rifles, I didn't and don't remember how long after that, the option disappeared. So, if you can buy a weapon, buy it and it is on your armory for when you need it.

2. I think so; going back to the sniper rifle, In another campaign, I saw them, bought them and use then. I was able to fill a whole Skrimisher unit of 500 with those weapons

3. I disagree in the same that it does make sense capturing the enemy supply wagons, because you can use them during your battle. What I do is, as soon as I start a battle, I place my supply wagon on do not issue mode and save it for when it is needed. As soon as I capture an enemy wagon, I start using their supplies ensuring that my units do not run out of ammo at critical moments.

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1. No, the armory resets to set values between campaigns.

2. Nope.  If you want a lot of any weapon, you have to buy them up as they become available.  No impact on future availability.

3. Do note that you have to pay for every bit of supply you use in battle.  Capturing enemy supplies is completely free supplies to use, or, if you retreat it while it still has supplies, can help offset the costs of the supply that you use during the battle.  Either way, supplies you used during battles are automatically deducted from your end reward to resupply the corps.  Any supplies you capture from the enemy are sold and given the appropriate amount of gold back.

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