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Development Roadmap for the next 3-5 months

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rediii    3,063

increase pvp rewards by a lot (combat marks aswell as gold reward and experience) experience+combat marks *10. Gold *2

get rid of conquest mark rent system. more labor hours each day sounds pretty good actually.

let fleets after portbattle teleport back to next friendly port. (freeport or national port)

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Otto Kohl    2,036

1. Fix the revenge ganking problem, add some battlescreen or any way that allow us to exit game after battle

2. Make people want to do PvP again, Adjust the PvP rewards to apropriate level and allow us to teleport to freeports with a cooldown of 4h, so we can PvP in other regions without afk sailing there for 3h

3. Fix the conquest issues, tagging a PB fleet, hostility generation

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8 minutes ago, admin said:

Hello Captains. 

Here is the development roadmap for the next 3-6 months for your consideration. 

Significant milestones

  • Move to Unity 5 (complex task with unknown ETA)
    • Current version of unity does not allow us to add more content due to several limitations of memory and the engine.
    • We cannot add new ships because of 32bit application (thats why a lot of ships were removed from game engine to just allow us to patch the game after the introduction of the new sounds.
    • Move to Unity 5 might also increase FPS across the board for all players as 32bit apps are not as efficient on the modern machines

Does this mean you will be able to introduce cannon recoil and ACTUAL PROPER crew reloading animations ???

Please say YES !!! ???

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Rychu Karas    302


  1. Finalization of conquest and conquest rewards
  2. Additional PVE content (missions, raids other improvements)
  3. Finalization of PVP Rules of Engagement and PVP rewards

Another empty phrases, without details. Without any idea behind it...

Fixes, the same as Otto mention about


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Fastidius    305

add labour hours instead of conquest is still dumb and causes weak weaker.

Unity upgrade is most importand

You still need to fix things by binding things to accounts....to much tradeables = Alt farm

OW travel is bad, fix it.  too many screensaver hours.

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z4ys    1,608
  • Add speed increase during invisibility timer
  • Remove all sorts of marks and perma mods
  • Bring back pvp rewards and pvp exclusive content and increase pvp financial rewards by 50%
  • Fix hositlity gain through cutter tagging AI fleets
  • Move middle and high end rank missions away from the capital
  • Fix PG Monkey's rank doesnt show up in the clan window.

(Ok the last one inst that important) :D

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Skully    1,022
  1. Economy, the churn of making ships is too low leading to folks not willing to risk assets.
  2. RvR, or rather Clan vs Clan mechanics (both in Nation and out) and in battles (although the current FFA battles gives lots of lols in terms of bugs).
  3. Mark system is a broken mechanic from a RvR perspective. It only leads to weird arms races instead of logistics races.

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Liq    3,254
  • Fix revenge fleets (30 sec invis timer is a joke; maybe make a compromise of 45 - 60 sec 1.5 times the speed into any point of wind in OW and invisibility, but at the same time a 2 or more minutes "you cannot attack" timer --- Or maybe even allow logoff after a battle; but then when logging back in to OW have a 10 minute "you cannot attack or join others battles" timer - It works for Port Battles so why not ow pvp?
  • Give players a reason to leave their home waters so players seeking for pvp don't have to sink pve grinding players not seeking for pvp. (pvp event zones maybe?)
  • Bring back a pvp currency which doesnt unlock vital skillbooks / upgrades but with which you can buy paints or other cosmetic things in the future
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1. Remove conquest marks and combat marks. Make the limiting factors on ship construction the resources, labour hours and shipyard size. Removing conquest marks in particular will allow all players a chance to build and own all ships, albeit with great effort, whether they take part in a PB  or not rather than, as now, restricting things to the 'lucky few' who make it into a PB and thereby become a self fulfilling elite. IMHO.

2. Battle ratings for trade ships need adjusting to take into account the latest (re-) arming of traders.

3. Fix the exploit to avoid screening/TP direct into an enemy port. The fix I would go for is to change the 'TP to port' from nearest deep water port to nearest Free Port. That way you still provide the escape mechanism for those ships 'lost out at sea'. they don't have to end up across the map at their capital, no one can exploit TP into a PB port (defender or attacker).


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Sir Texas Sir    3,661
  • Fix the BR tag issues and get the FLEET GROUPS into play so that trash ship of low rank fleets can't pull part of a 1st rate SOL.  If you want to screen a fleet you need to bring decent similar or close ranked ships to screen not a bunch of low ranks trash ships to split fleets.
  • Increase PvP rewards so that they are worth it.   Make fleeting rewards worth it, the split is to much a cut and you can get nothing in a fight even though you did a lot.  Bring back xp for damage done so you can get a reward even if you didn't get assit and kills.  This hurts small low ranks to much right now trying to level up.
  • Give the pirates some true pirate mechanics and stop treating them as another nation.  This will bring more to the game if they are not a nation and had there own mechanics that isn't the same as the other 7 nations.
  • I know you asked for three, but this is something we need.  Can we get and updated list of the actual active server pops and national break down for all the servers now that it's been over a month since the patch has came out.  This way if folks want to change nations they can or to see who really has what numbers to shut others up about who  are the actual largest nations.


Something like this that you did when the patch was first announced.

  • dFbC8bb.png
Edited by Sir Texas Sir
Add a 4th thing.

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Havelock    320
  • Add back the duel room for education purposes.
  • Drastically increase PvP rewards / decrease PvE rewards.
  • Relieve us of the current ship knowledge PvE grind. Proposal: Bring back the old honour kill system. A kill 75% of your BR or higher grants a honour kill. First 2 slots all kills count, next 2 slots only PvP, last slot only conquest. Steps could be 5/10/15/20/25 (big ships will naturally level slower as you use them less).
  • Increase the availability of ressources needed for upgrades. Currently perm mods are worth more than ships again, which is against your desired design goal.

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Aegir    1,671

1. The conquest mark system creates a huge gap between those who have it and those who do not, and will surely drive people away from the game., and it's a really rough start for new players to get going at the moment.

What I thought you meant with "SOLs will be rarer, 80% of players didnt even get into a Brig so let's fix that" versus what it currently is.


2. Teleports need to have a no-cargo option, at the moment it's super-easy for traders to zoom past all threats with full cargo just by teleporting from several kilometers out at sea, making trader hunting pointless. Is it comfortable, sure, but there needs to be another way to make long hauls comfortable without minimum risk.

3. RoE is still bonkers for revenge fleets and tagging.

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fremen    111
  • Remove completly the conquest marks. Return to old prizes in BP; elusive materials, upgrades, Blueprints, etc..
  • Rewrite the RVR, focus on get again BATTLE PORTS. With the actual system this is annoying and a real torture. Maybe return to flags?
  • Add new PVE content, the game is very bored in months like this, summer with no players. 

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LuckyJack    26

The top 3 things I've gathered that needs changed and added from feedback in in-game chats, Teamspeak, and Discord channels in order of popularity. I apologize for the long winded points in advance.

  • Nation/Faction re-work. (this will be a long explanation).- Reduce the number of nations to the more "popular/well known" ones of the time. Britain, France, Spain, America. Currently the population is widely spread out across a large map, some Nation are underpopulated. Pirates should be more of a faction then a nation. Unable to do port battles except for being able to defend or recapture its starting ports. They can do "port raids". Which are basically port battles but the pirates wont keep the port however, they can loot the hell of the port for the next 15-30 minutes or so after the completion of the raid. I should also add Pirates shouldnt be able to craft anything larger then a 5th rate. Pirates life is for me, and i don't expect it to be easy.
  • Cash Shop. (BOUND COSMETIC ITEMS ONLY).- Please read first don't shoot me with a broadside just yet. NO SHIPS, NO UPGRADES, NOTHING THAT CAN GIVE AN EDGE IN BATTLE AND MUST BE BOUND TO THE ACCOUNT SO THEY CANT BE RESOLD FOR IN GAME GOLD. These kind of items would be some paints, flags, forged papers, character and clan rename tokens (30 day cool down on renames). Could be a cool way to have ship customization and get some more revenue coming in for the devs. After all we do want the devs to make money so we can play this game for years to come.
  • Elite Player Ships. *Disclaimer this more of final release thing not really suitable for testing mechanics*- Some ships if made historically accurate to there alleged performance would make them over powered. Hence why many like the connie and trinco have been nerfed. My suggestion which gets great feed back is to make them more historically accurate, it is a simulator after all, but make them EXTREMELY expensive to make. Classic MMO style balancing to the good things in a game. I do mean EXTREMELY expensive. It should take you a week or two of grinding to get one of them maybe more depending on the ship. Some ships that could fit this would be the Rattlesnake, Santa Cecilia, Trincomalee, Endymion (if its abysmal sailing profile is changed to be more in line with the historical ship) , Constitution, etc you get the picture. This is an MMO so over balancing performance isn't whats needed here simply put if you want a very balanced world of warships type game then the upcoming Naval Action Legends would be more in line with that. Naval Action is an more of an MMORPG. Make the common ships possibly even easier to get to promote and help new players. The Elite Ships should be a personal goal to achieve.

I did not mention the very common suggestions like reducing the number of speed upgrades, make pvp more viable and rewarding, RoE, etc cause i figured others will suggest these things anyway. Cash shop and Elite Ships might be best to wait until full release of the game. 

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koltes    1,982

1. PB entry - x25 PB Fleet that is granted 1 hour prior the battle to the clan that grinded most hostility. Ships that are part of PB Fleet can't attack or be attacked. Can only enter PB.

2. Increase by x5 times PVP rewards through Conquest Marks and Money.

3. Fix group tagging. People in the group should be tagged based on group BR as long as they are in tag distance to each other (not the tagger).

Edited by koltes

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Thonys    351

most critical:

  • 1. Remove conquest marks and replace them with additional labor hours per day (good option /or silver)
  • 2. pirates are overpopulated as a nation  : a disadvantages is needed specially speed(old and un careened ship) >this is naval action not pirate action..(unbalanced popularity on mechanics and access to upgrades and goods ,completely unrealistic)
  • 4. adding clan war system like eve with alliances
  • 3. A better distribution of basic goods, over the map, needed for shipbuilding(max. 20 minutes single trip sailing time, per good (all woodtipes ), to capital)
  • unlimited own ports positions (commissioner)(now to restricted)
  • unlimited ship dock or/>> (for builders of ships , >> shipbuilding ads 5 slots extra)
  • more room in warehouses created by M3 or / and slot free [but just space/no slots ]
  • a little more realistic prices for goods where a bottle of vodka is not sold for 1 gold / (avoiding) mass dumps.and the economy and trade becomes useless (introducing max sell of a product by a player)
  • fine tune ships speed of full traders it has to much penalty  v.s  warships (still holding full speed)with hull repairs rum and rig repairs (give trades a chance to escape)
  • clan leaders transfer to other active officer
  • clan workshop
  • clan shipbuilding
  • clan docks
  •         realizing this is unity restricted, upgrade to newest unity is key, and most needed....success with that :) you can do it  )
  • more nation various ships including Dutch ships (4 pls) (or introduce micro selling of ships [extra work >>condition])
  • various banners or flags
  • bronse cannons or rifled cannons
  • player statistics
  • player based economy 
  • clan oversight by nation( for joining> active/passive invitation request)
Edited by Thonys

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victor    690

I propose the following changes (if conquest marks will be kept in the game):


- even SOL blueprints should be purchasable with combat marks (or with gold)

- SOL permits should be needed not to craft ships, but to sail them.

- conquest marks should be needed only for buying permits (NOT for buying SOL blueprints).

This way crafters will be able to craft SOLs for their faction, but only people engaged in RvR (or people that can buy marks form these) will be able to purchase and actually use them.

The thing is rather easy to be implemented: in the fitting screen of the ship you can open a new slot (i.e. at the side of the paints) in which you shall put the permit as a permanent upgrade. Without the permit included in the slot, the ship is not able to equip any cannon nor to store anything in its cargo storage.


make each PVP kill give x 5 the number of combat marks of a PVE kill.

THIRD CHANGE (economoy)

cut down the price for harvesting from buildings Iron, oak, fir, hemp (but mostly Iron).

Edited by victor

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koltes    1,982
5 minutes ago, Thonys said:


  • pirates are overpopulated as a nation  : ad disadvantages specially speed >this is naval action not pirate action


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Luc    65

1. true pirates

2. true pirates

3. true pirates

no ports; give us hideouts; renown; ability to enter enemy ports based on renown to the towns nation - famous pirate = unable to enter; sth like that....

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Tiedemann    298

1. The Port battle group for 25 group members with special ROE.

2. Increase PvP reward - PvP should be rewarded 5x as much in XP, Gold, and combat marks, anything less and it is not worth it. But 10x as much makes decent players into seal clubbing gankers. And please consider adding a higher (much higher) loot drop chance for upgrades and skill books when looting player ships. Right now players who do not like PvE is forced to do it just to get upgrades and skill books. So I think that would be nice change. Personally I don't mind doing some PvE, so on this topic I'm not bias :)

3. Fix the ship speed meta. There are a lot of different suggestions out there for this, but right now it is to easy to get a fast ship. Most of the veteran players have ships that are are capped at 15 kn with repairs in the hull. So the hunts and chases between 15 kn ships are stand still in OW hunts/chases. The player that are chasing can't gain on the enemy, but the enemy is not gaining distance either. The enemy can run in the perfect wind direction for ever.. Either until we stop chasing, or he/she can enter a port. This is not fun and we are basically just escorting enemy players out of our home waters. Would have been better to not have the speed cap, then at least it is not so likely the speed on the player running and the player chasing are equal. And then we can avoid these still chases.. 



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HachiRoku    210

Duel room please 

Less grind for ships

New players should be out of cutter fast or even start with snow so they are not turned off

And please fix the endymion. The are to many overpowerd ships in the game when she was overpowerd irl. Make her hull and sail hp shit but make her sail.

Edited by HachiRoku

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Intrepido    2,182

- Relax the grind and make it more fun and diverse. 

- Remove conquests marks. All people should be able to sail the ships they want. 

- Alliances should return. It is needed for RvR balance.

- New ships are needed to complete ranges like third rates, corvettes, heavy frigates.

- Land lord system must be removed. It only creates bad mood, drama and division inside nations.

- Delivery system should return. We spend too much of our playtime collecting crafting ressources instead of pvping. If not, cargo hold of traders should be greatly increased or weight of crafting ressources, specially woods, decreased.

- Trading needs urgent tweaks. Lack of goods being produced and overall profit a bit low for the time invested.

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Bart Smith    1,621

Well if this a wishlist here a few:

Redone pirate role in game. Make them pirates instead a nation. Let them rides ports and limit ships size for them to make it more realistic and historical correct.

Add more rewards from pvp. Make it profitable and same time reasonable in terms of ROE. 

Add more fractions as your idea without capitals to make world more dynamic and political situations more complex than two side conflict as now.

Make clan warehouse bigger and make ranks for manage it. More clan manage tools. More roles and possibility to transfer creator privileges.

Add more pve events, missions, treasure convoys etc. World is open pvp so no complain from hardcore pvp players on this i belive since more captains on the sea.

Not mention on UI as we all know this need be done.

And a few more...


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Jœrnson    379
  • Remove conquest marks and replace them with additional labor hours per day
  • Introduce clan shipyard and clan workshop
  • Make ressources for crafting certain refits more available. Currently they are blocked everywhere with buy contracts of rich people.


Not so important but

  • Make clan warehouse capacity unlimited
  • Introduce clan dock for clan member's ships to be in just one dock accessible by all members

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