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PvE Server Open World Info display

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I know the PvE server is not the priority at this time and the Devs are tirelessly working on making PvP game play the best it can be, however, I was thinking about the HUD on the PvE server and may be figure out something to improve game play.


As you know, port info does not show up until you are very close (about 5 Km), which would be fine if you did not click on a ship that's barely visible on the horizon and get full details about her/fleet. People would agree that it is easier to know what port you are approaching miles and miles away as soon as you spot some type of landmark, be it a fort, church, particular building, lighthouse, surrounding hills...etc. At the same time, people will also agree that it is quite difficult to recognize ships and their armament at that same distance, especially with the telescopes available at that time. I'm inferring this from my readings of the Aubrey-Maturin and Hornblower series.




In my opinion, it would make more sense to determine what port you are approaching at a higher distance than recognizing what ship and all her details at that same distance.

I was also thinking about, maybe varying the distance at which a port can be identified: for instance, all port info should be displayed at about 5 Km as it is now, but if you have already entered the port in the past and coming back to it, the name should display at 10-15 km (or more). You've been there, you know what it looks like so you recognize it from a farther distance.

As far as ship info, it should be gradually displayed. At max visual distance, the info box should only say whether it's a single ship or a fleet, the closer you get the more info is displayed: Class of ship (s), nation and lastly BR.

This will have an effect on the future content for the PvE server, if the Devs do not scrap it after 12-18 months as stated once the PvE-PvP merger was abandoned. There was talk about making AI aggressive and attack players on the PvE server. With the gradual info, the challenge will be that a player has to get dangerously close to an AI ship to learn whether it is an easy target such as a trader or a lesser warship then the player's or has to spin around and run for his/her life because the target turned out to be a warship twice the BR and just turned around to give chase.

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Would be nice, and this has been suggested a couple of times alleady, but it seems its not going to happen.

Of course the relatively fast ship speeds on the open world might make the time a bit short, but IMO there would still be some bit of anxiety when you spot a sail on the horizon - whether you are a trader or a pirate on the prey. 

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A year ago, some ships had an aggressive behaviour. It was nice, because sometimes you didn't need to run after the ships. For the information display, particularly about ships/ fleet, once you know how many and what ships are in a fleet, you don't need to see the BR to know if you should run ou fight.

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