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Admiralty refits - bonuses information

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On 30/05/2017 at 4:20 PM, Yar Matey said:

Yes yes, the you shouldn't do this and you shouldn't do that argument! (rolls his eyes)  Great way to keep casual and solo players active in this game, give them a strict disadvantage in any combat situation with their non-refitted trade and war ships.  I have been doing trade runs and building ships, outfitting entire clans running solo trade runs for hundreds and hundreds of hours.  What these refits do is make it so I stand no chance of ever escaping from a squad of players with these refitted bonuses.  I am at a strict disadvantage.

Your argument holds no weight when put into practice.  A new player logs in does some missions in a cutter, finds out he needs to do some trading to get money and resources, gets an LGV, tries to do some trade runs, loses his ship and cargo to a small fleet of surprises, rinse and repeats this a few times, then quits the game after not making any progress in the game.  Joke was on him the whole time, he never stood a chance, hes using a ship with no refits!  HA!  

Out of interest, why do you think that you SHOULD be able to escape, as a solo cargo ship player, vs a SQUADRON of specially equipped cargo hunting warships operating in unison?

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