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King of Crowns

CURE for the dreaded night flips

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Aegir    1,671

Oh please, most of that discussion has been around the merits of whether the upper and lower limit oughta be +/- 1 hour, that's nothing - especially when compared to how far away we are from any workable single-server solution. But I guess it's easier to make a case with paraphrasing and hyperboles.

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Kleinburger    34

The focus on port battles has plagued this game which use to be about age of sail ship combat. And not trying to reclaim the glory days of Potbs but with more realistic combat. I have a pretty good solution to the port battle nonsense it doesn't involve timers and it's not dependent on where you are located on the map its an MMO solution to what is intrinsically an MMO problem.

This solution involves multiple things working together:

1) Nation voting to decide the target region

2) Port Battle queue

3) Its not just 1 decisive battle that determines victory but all engaged battles that happen over the span of a week or 2 at the end of which a winner is announced.

4) Participation Awards, then awards for top players (for all involved not just the winners) once winner is announced

5) After winner nation is announced port flips in 24 hours


Think of this as a pvp queue where you join it and when a full battle is ready a window pops up "would you like to join X Attacking Y at Z Port Battle?" you then join that instance from where ever you are when battle is over you return to where you were when you joined the battle if not already in one. If you lost your ship then you return to where you were but in a basic cutter.  To deal with lack of playerbase for defenses simply make it so that anybody from any nation besides the one attacking can join the defense. This way everyone can play at their times and still have port battles and there should be enough people from all nations to put up a defense at any time. At the end of the week or 2 weeks of battles everyone gets rewards and such for how much the contributed to the war effort etc etc.

This would work on both a EU/Global split servers and a Global only server. Solves the problems people are having with night flips, port battle timers, port battle locations, involvement in port battles when not in a clan, etc. This solution solves a large number of issues with this game in terms of port battles and what gameplay is lost by implementing this ? Potentially hours of time of open world realistic (yippee!!?) sailing to reach a port for a single battle where you are either 1) unopposed or 2) outnumbered, no more silly port battle flags.

This may not be a purest of pure realism solution infact its not trying to be, but it would be fun and engaging.

Here comes the hate in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...

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Archaos    417

Simple solution, GET RID OF PORT BATTLES. Move them to the arena game.

Find another way to do conquest that does not rely on a single battle.

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