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Major General La Fayette

Screenshots of a Swedish 4th rate : Wasa (1778)

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https://digitaltmuseum.se/search/?aq=text:"gustav" owner:"S-SMM-MM" topic:"Fartygsmodell","Fartygsmodell","Modell"&o=0&n=272

the white is all right. Its from the original wooden model.

Here is a line of "wasa"s:


remember that we do have different paint schemes already.

at the far right there are three ships of which one has a white body :)

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Nice looking ship, even in white. Hopefully we get it soon.

I wonder, if those sliding carriages could be represented as a new "cannon type". Not sure, but I think they had some advantages like smaller crew size, but also some disadvantages (in addition to the smell).

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