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Preliminary announcement about the wipe and recommended player actions.

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21 minutes ago, newbe said:


Just a question:

I have an account on all servers with max xp and craft level. If I go to global (I play on EU) I can see the same character I have in the other server.

So, if I want to join global but changing my name and my nation, how do I do it?

Do I have to log in, delete character and not redeem my xp? If I do so, can I create another character and the xp will be there?


If you have logged in and not redeemed any of the redeemables then yes.  You can delete the character and remake it.  

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11 hours ago, Rear Admiral Leif Larsen said:

hej do you loose every thing ? or do you keep like gold and xp/ranks

If you took the steps described prior to the wipe you'll have redeemables for your game XP, craft XP, and 4 ships. No gold.

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