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Co-op Convoy Missions

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Hello everyone,


It feels like only having PBs as endgame content is not enough for what this game could bring.

I guess everyone agrees that the funniest thing to do is to playing with other ppl, not solo missions and solo trading.

Said that, i think it would give a lot of action and dynamism to the game having National co-op NPC convoy protection missions.

Just as an example:


Your nation gets a co-op mission where a NPC trader fleet is gonna go from one port to another, the NPC trader fleet will leave the port when there's enough BR to protect it(or ppl signed for it and at the port rdy to sail), and enemy factions will get a message like, enemy convoy spotted leaving X port, the enemies will have to try finding it and destroy it, coz saying the destination would be too much info in my opinion.


If the convoy reaches the destination, all involved players that defended it, will get a huge materials reward, and the same for the enemies if they manage to destroy the protection fleet.


What u think about this guys ? Would give a lot of action and emotion to the game.


Share your thoughts please!



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yeah that would be cool!

also i had hoped that the server wide Events would have been like this but the devs made it into a race who could get to some shipwrecks the fastest.....

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