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Speed, turning, wind angles, heel, sails - suggestions and feedback

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maturin    5,454
22 minutes ago, Inkompetent said:

Second level of fix would of course be to try to improve the behaviour of the sails, since sailing at close reach and dropping from Half-sail (or above) to Battle (or below) forces you to drop the staysails/jibs while in transitioning through the Slow sail-plan. This royally screws up anyone trying to sail anywhere against the wind, and isn't just unintuitive, but actually quite broken. It would be better if a more intuitive system could be put into place (unfortunately no worked out suggestion for how to do that) so that sailing up the wind gives sensible speed transitions in the same sailing beam/broad reach does.



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DeRuyter    724
On ‎6‎/‎8‎/‎2017 at 8:35 AM, Hodo said:

I have NO experience on sail boats or really the big blue wet thing, I was Army.  But I would gladly learn these skills from people who do know.  Between youtube, and google I can quickly flood myself with information.   But I am an odd ball who is willing to learn the little details to be better.  


Ironically early tanks had nomenclature in common with ships, I mean they were considered land battleships so you did have tillers, bow guns, turret, engine deck,  etc. Not so much now ofc.  Anyway Marine tankers I knew still called the turret floor the "deck"!


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